Ask everyone you know, and you’ll be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t have at least one social media account. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter—three of the largest of social media platforms in the world are places where everything and anything happens online.

Facebook boasts of above 1.49 billion active daily and 2.27 billion active monthly users. Instagram has more than one billion active monthly users, while Twitter has over 325 million active monthly users.

With this staggering number of people on social media, marketers have quickly noticed a great opportunity to promote their businesses, generate traffic, and earn a profit. If you’re new to the sphere, here’s the down low of why you should leverage social media in your marketing campaign. 


It’s been established that billions of people use Facebook every day, which makes it the most popular social media platform worldwide. Marketers will always go where the people are because people are almost always synonymous to consumers.  

This is evidenced by how the number of monthly advertisers on Facebook has grown from 3 million to 6 million between 2016-2018.

Facebook has proven itself as a dominating force in the realm of social media platforms. Almost everyone in the world knows about the platform or has heard of it, and marketers use this to their advantage to ride in the coattails of this social media giant.

Once you’ve gained Facebook fame, it easier to get your brand on people’s radar and gain a loyal audience.

The platform’s ubiquity is not the only advantage marketers can exploit to promote their businesses. Facebook also provides companies and advertisers with several avenues to promote their brands, such as creating pages where businesses establish their presence and connect with people.

Facebooks ads, promoted posts, and sponsored stories also let you proactively reach your audience and promote your business to your target market. Marketing tactics, such as contests, sweepstakes, and promotions, are also prevalent on the platform. 


After Facebook, Instagram is the most commonly used social media platform by marketers. With over one billion monthly active users, it has established itself as a social media giant. The number of its users grows by almost 5% per quarter.

While Facebook’s organic reach has declined in the past year, Instagram is gaining more momentum among marketers. According to data, 53% of marketers plan to spend more on Instagram ads. This year, Instagram ad revenue is estimated to reach $10.87 billion.

Instagram users are some of the most engaged social media users in the online sphere. They consistently share and consume content multiple times a day.

And it goes beyond photos and videos shared by friends and acquaintances. Almost 50% of Instagram users are tuned into at least one business handle, and 75% of users will actively check a company’s website after coming across an Instagram post. Some 60% of users also say that they find new products on Instagram.

For companies, the platform allows business profiles with features that let you promote your content and get valuable insights on your profile.


Short and sweet, tweets deliver the message with as few words as possible, which is ideal for starting conversations. Twitter puts user interaction at the core of its purpose. For companies and prominent personalities, the platform provides a way to build an authentic connection and close engagement with followers.

Like Facebook and Instagram, Twitter also allows businesses to create profiles, promote their content, and advertise products and services. Unlike the other two, things move at a faster pace, with tweets having the average lifespan of a few minutes, keeping the conversation going.

As prominent platforms in the online world, social media sites provide a wealth of opportunities that businesses can leverage in their marketing campaigns. The key is learning how to use these platforms effectively.

Using insights from data and trends, you can take advantage of giant platforms to increase your brand’s reach, generate traffic to your page, and convert these into sales and profit.

Why Leverage Social Media in Your Marketing Campaign