Drain Cleaning Is Important In Winter

Winters are tough to deal with as there is so much more that needs to be done at homes and workplaces. As a homeowner or business owner, you need to pay extra attention to the drain systems in these months. This is the time of the year when they are more likely to get clogged and damaged. If not addressed properly, small problems may become big issues and you may end up in the need for expensive repairs. So wouldn’t it be better to focus on maintaining the drains in good condition in the first place? Here are some reasons that make drain cleaning all the more important in the winter.

Grease build-ups are more prevalent in winters

It is common for drains to get clogged with grease because kitchens at homes and commercial establishments produce it in large amounts. As temperatures drop in the colder months, grease tends to get accumulated in the drains. The buildup can increase over a period of time and result in the drains getting fully clogged during winters. While regularly flushing them with hot water can help to some extent, it does not do much benefit when the weather gets too cold.

Bad smell can be more problematic

Blocked drains can cause bad smell in your home and workplace. A foul odor can cause health issues and also give a bad impression to the visitors. Sometimes, it can get so bad that your kitchen ends up stinking like a sewer. The only alternative is to open the windows and let the odor out. But the measure is not feasible in winters when the temperatures outdoors drop to sub-zero levels. This makes it all the more important to opt for commercial drain cleaning during the winter season.

Chances of drain damage are high

Clogging of drains with grease and oils can weaken them over a period of time; however, the chances of damage get higher in winter months because drains already get weak due to severe conditions. If you want to save the expenses of repair and replacement of the home or workplace drains, the best alternative is to get them cleaned on a regular basis. Having them fitted with grease traps is another good idea because these traps stop the grease from traveling further and clogging the entire drain.

DIY cleaning helps

While professional cleaning on a regular basis is recommended to keep the drains in good condition, you can do some DIY cleaning also. Pour boiling hot water in the drains on a daily basis. Avoid disposing of leftovers in the drains because they gradually get accumulated in them and result in the buildup. Use cleaners such as vinegar, baking soda, and other cleaning products to clear the drainage system on a periodic basis.

Although these DIY tips help, professionals cleaning services are essential, particularly during the winter season. They help you keep the drains in an excellent shape and eliminate the need for repairs and replacement for months in a row. Therefore, this is a smart investment that every homeowner and business owner should make.