Welcome Email

When you have a new subscriber to your website, you have to send an email to greet the user. Filling the subscription form from your website, social media page or landing page works like a trigger. Your automated welcome email goes to the new subscriber and you get a chance to make a positive impression.

What must the welcome email include?

You need to add the following content in your introductory email to be specific about your brand:

  • You need to frame a guide that mentions how the user can use your products or services

  • Give an offer as a welcome discount or bonus – it encourages the first purchase

  • Express the expectation of your company through your email campaign

  • A probability of having preferences that customize what content goes to who

  • An invitation to join the social media pages of your brand

  • A way to click through to your blog or e-commerce storefront

  • New information related to your brand that the user can find useful

  • Anything more you need to put across about your business or brand

Reasons to frame welcome emails

Following reasons will tell you why you need welcome emails and how they will help you:

  • They save time

Every small business owner looks forward to saving time and also being effective when not working. You can be busy to let out personalized emails or your growing subscribers need automated emails. The welcome emails are perfect when automated, especially because they are instantaneous. Just as a person subscribes to you, they immediately get a mail. They are keener to open and check it right away rather than read it later.

  • Helps your tailor emails

Small business tends to divide groups of subscribers depending on, from where they get to you. For example, if someone subscribed from your website gets a certain mail while someone from Facebook will get a different mail. You can customize these groups according to geographical location or target groups also.

  • Create an impression

The most important reason to create a welcome email is to make the first impression. It lets you send out a message full of personalized attention and invite a new subscriber to stay tuned. The email helps you build a relationship and create a good impression.

After you create an impression, the new subscriber might straight away get to your website and know more about you. It gives you an opportunity to have an immediate conversion, which is why it is smart to add click-through options.

  • Lets you create buzz

Every business wants a positive buzz and with new marketing strategies, this has become cheaper than ever. A welcome email works like that and gives you the boost you were looking for. You have an opportunity to share what is to come and what is already present for prospective buyers. This eventually helps you spread through word of mouth and pump up new subscribers on your list.

  • Quick sales opportunity

When you already have a subscriber, the user has little knowledge about you. They might be keen on your products and services, and your welcome email gives a better idea to it. The email in their inbox builds up their inquisitiveness and they might make an impulse buy. You can also give them an introductory discount that keeps them hooked to you.

  • The increases response rate of emails

When you send an email, you want your subscribers to open and read it. You further wish that they take a call to action. Email marketing is a smart way that usually has positive response rates. Not just for welcome emails, but for further broadcasts, it can get you many prospective customers.

  • Cheap

Digital marketing is one of the cheapest ways of promoting your business. These save time along with money and give you greater returns. Email marketing is a strategic procedure that is automated and cheap. Using this regularly will help you hold onto your customers.

  • Discuss discounts

The first thing that entices a new subscriber is an introductory offer. When you subscribe or sign up to a clothing brand, you’d usually find a 10% or 20% off on the first purchase. You must give your new users a reason to attract and that can slowly build them into your regular customer.

It all starts will an introductory mail and then go up to lifelong relationships. You must concentrate on having a happy start as that is the only way to work things out later. Apart from the content, the graphics of the email is also important. Keeping it short, crisp and colorful might work out better than big blocks of texts people don’t always read. These quick and easy tips will help you generate more revenue and build a better customer relationship.