Personal branding and online reputation management work hand-in-hand to make your company as strong as possible. Most companies that are trying to grow have a hard time because they do not know how to market themselves properly. Plus, some companies do not know what to do when they have a bit of bad press. You can work with Status Labs to get help with both, and you can learn how personal branding dovetails with online reputation management.

Personal Branding Brings You To The Fore

Personal branding will bring you to the fore because you are the face of your company or brand. You may be the only person who works for your company, or you may have just one person who works there. Because of this, you need to use your image and voice to market your company. When you do this, you are creating a personal brand that people can relate to. If your company did not have a good image before this process started, you may need some help with online reputation management.

What Is Online Reputation Management?

Online Reputation Management


Online reputation management is used to ensure that you can build a brand for your company that is not tarnished by bad press or reviews. If you have any negative comments online, you can address those with help from Status Labs. Status Labs will check online for anything that could be negative, and the company will let you know what they can do to help you to fix the problem.

Reaching Out To Customers

Your personal branding efforts and online reputation management will start to come together when you are reaching out to upset customers. You can give these people the level of customer service that they need, and these customers will often remain loyal to your company because they see that you did something nice for them. Status Labs will always alert you to any problems with your online image, and you can solve those problems quickly.

Marketing Your Company In A Different Way

You can market your company in a completely different way when you are using online reputation management and branding to make your company stronger. You are using your expertise, voice, and image to make your company popular, and you will find that people latch onto your expertise because they need help from an expert when they are making a purchase or searching for a service. You simply need to explain to the public when they should use your service because that will help them choose you over another company that does not seem to have any expertise. 

Spread Your Personal Brand Throughout Everything Your Company Does

Some companies will actually start using their founder’s name on their packages, and you could even put your face on all the ads. You can hold the products in the ads, and you can make videos about the products or service that you offer. You also need to consider how you can explain the product in a simple way when your company makes things that are quite complex. You may need to use your expertise to explain industry language to the public, or you could show yourself using the product.

Status Labs Keeps Track Of Everything

When you start working with Status Labs, they will keep track of everything so that you do not need to worry about how your marketing and branding plan is working. Status Labs will meet with you in their London’s, São Paulo, New York, Austin, or LA offices. When you have this meetings, you will hear a lot of good ideas for branding. Plus, you will meet with the team to see how they might organize your marketing plan.


Status Labs will be your partner in branding so that you can create a personal brand that people will relate to. Someone who wants to change the face of their company can focus on personal branding so that their face and voice is used to make the company more relatable. In the same way, Status Labs can make sure that your online reputation is secure. They will let you know when you need to address negative comments or work with upset customers.