Dental phobia is a genuine medical condition whereby a person is incredibly frightened about visiting a dental surgery, and it’s not something that affects just children, either. Industry research shows that 12% of adults suffer from extreme dental anxiety and will do anything to avoid going to a dentist, even though a routine check-up is the perfect way of making sure that their oral health is in good standing.

Dentists are well aware that patients, and first-time visitors especially, might be nervous about the work that will be done, so they will most likely know how to reassure the patient and ease their nerves. If the patient is a young child, the dentist might allow the child’s parents to stay with them during the surgery. They will generally talk the patient through the impending procedure, explaining about the tools that they’ll use, and answer any questions the patient might have.

Good dental practice doesn’t just apply to the dentist’s surgery. You should maintain good oral habits consistently so that fewer dental visits will be required and, even when they are, the procedure will most likely be quick and painless. This makes life easier for all parties concerned and could have the knock-on effect of quelling dental phobia, which could disappear once you realize that dental surgery is a smooth process.

This infographic from Dervla Leavy Dental Care ( outlines what people can expect from their first trip to the dentist and gives some advice on how they can prepare for a relaxing, comfortable visit.

What to Expect from Your First Dental Visit