You want to travel from the capital New Delhi to Bangalore, all the way in South India. You check out the Delhi to Bangalore Flights Schedule to know what is available. A multitude of options are available, and you are unsure what separates them. Some tickets are cheap, yet don’t sell out. Others are significantly more expensive, and the airline is fully booked several months before the date of the journey. What separates the two?

Here are five features that make certain airlines better than others.

  • In-flight meals: Airlines have struggled for years on the type of food that would make fliers have an enjoyable experience. The meal is often the first thing that comes to a customer’s mind, when asked if they had a good or bad experience. In fact, passengers lose about 30% of their ability to taste food during flights. As a result, if the quality is below average, the chances are that the passenger will say that it was outright bad. To offset this issue, airlines are enlisting a number of celebrity chefs to create simple, yet tantalizing menus that will keep fliers happy.


  • Entertainment: In-flight entertainment is the key to the success of any great airline. When a passenger is travelling for several hours, they are bound to get bored easily. A host of shows and music, with a radio, can go a long way in keeping passengers occupied on the journey. Some airlines offer tailored entertainment for customers, the type of entertainment may vary based on the route taken.


  • Competitive price: Everyone wants to get the best deal. In fact, a survey revealed that 77% of passengers book their flights based on cost, which is completely understandable for something as expensive as airline tickets. Several low-cost airline carriers have popped up in the last few years, and in some cases, even outperform their older and more traditional counterparts in the financial sector. Several price comparison websites exist, and give the customer the opportunity to choose the appropriate one.


  • Comfort and Space: It should go without saying that comfort plays a vital role in the satisfaction of passengers. Ample legroom is the primary concern for most fliers, especially those travelling in the economy class. Airlines such as Lufthansa have created a slimmer seat, which is significantly more comfortable owing to the fact that it is made of mesh fibre instead of foam. This allows extra leg space, while also reducing the overall load of seats in the airplane.


  • Customer Service: There is nothing that will ensure loyalty as excellent customer service. Some airlines, such as Etihad, provide an amenity kit that includes a toothbrush, ear-buds, an eye mask, and socks to ensure that their customers are comfortable. The support staff taking care of passengers will ensure that they keep returning to the same airline for any future flights.

The above five points are some of the most important criteria for a successful airline. As a passenger, these are the things you must look for, and is what will separate one airline from another. The first impression is the last impression, and airlines strive to provide one with the best experience.