ringWhy can’t a non-ring type fit in a box? Because of this small box, the fatal temptation to women is even worse than Pandora’s Box. In a romantic atmosphere, a woman sees a box and thinks it is a marriage ring. If it is found to be not, she will become very lost. Sending jewellery is a wise question. If you send it right, everyone will be happy. If you send it wrong, it will make someone sad. What does the meaning of sending different jewellery by man?

First, the ring story: the representative loves you to the heart. Willing to be ordained for your love. The ring represents being ordained for love, and only loves one person in a lifetime. The ring has now become the most straightforward and sincere expression of love. From marriage proposal, engagement to formal marriage, the ring is indispensable. Therefore, the ring is a token of love. It is also a symbol of marriage.

Necklace Story: The representative will lock you tightly

I hope that you are the only one in your heart. The necklace is worn very close to the heart. And the necklace will have a lock action. Representing the other party not wanting you to be taken away by others, I want to spend the rest of my life with you. If it is a single, friend stage, then send a necklace, on behalf of “I want to fall in love with you”, the homonym of the necklace is to fall in love, the representative wanted to develop further relationships. If it is a couple, then send a necklace, representing the meaning of holding each other.

Bracelet Story: The representative wants to tie you for a lifetime.

The homonym of the bracelet is that “holding love” means cherish love. The girl’s idea of sending a boy’s bracelet is expressing the desire to hold the hand, and get old together. Or two-person share tDifferent jwellery storieshe same pains and never separate. Boys send girls bracelets to express what they mean: I want to be tied to you and love you all my life. Story: In addition to wanting to surround you. It also implies that he only loves you alone. At the same time, the bracelet is still the lover of a woman’s life. Both in this life and in the afterlife. When you are old, the bracelet will be passed to the daughter or daughter-in-law. The bracelet carries the feelings of the Chinese family.

Anklet Story: (Ankle + chain = Anklet)

Representing the tie of this life, link to the afterlife, I hope that the next life will be together. The meaning with the memory of reluctance to forget, and keep moving. Put on the anklet to make you more individual! I hope that you are the object of your pillow. Love words, secret words, and grievances only tell you. Studs and earrings are accessories worn on the left and right sides of the earlobe. It is close to the heart, so wear earrings from your loved ones. The representative is willing to listen to the voice of the lover for the rest of his life.

Brooch Story: Hang me on your heart”

The brooch is close to the heart and is the most “intimate” gift. The representative has been in love for a long time. The brooch is an accessory that is suitable for wearing on a variety of occasions. Wearing a brooch on your chest is both beautiful and generous, and let everyone see this precious friendship.