Both the technical and the creative aspects play a vital role in making the website campaigns successful and one should know to strike a balance between both so that each piece of the frame is structured and arranged in such a way that the website is discovered by the search engine as one of the best creative and useful sites.

To make a site get a better rank by the search engine or in other words for search engine optimization, both the technical part and the creative part should go hand in hand. The below-given article will throw some light on how can you achieve it.

 Realize the importance of technical SEO in your organization:

 First of all, it has to be understood that technical SEO is an entirely different function than the Development Function. The SEO team acts as a translator between different teams of the organization and tries to fulfill all their needs.

Secondly, they work towards the implementation and optimization of the structure and also assist the search engines in indexing, retrieving, and ranking content. They should not be just considered as ‘fixers’ to identify and correct the problems but should be considered and treated as a part of the planning process.

Balance the on-page and off-page strategies:

To strike a balance between the technical and non-technical aspects, the on-page and off-page strategies need to be optimized and balanced in the right proportion.

On-page SEO:​​​​​Off-page SEO:

  • Site speed​​​​Influential content
  • Site map​​​​Social content and sharing
  • Internal linking​​​Articles and guest blogs
  • Coding errors
  • Site design
  • Page content

 The Responsibility of each type of SEO should be well-defined:

A few important tasks of the SEO’s are very clear, but the problem arises when a few tasks overlap and both the technical and non-technical team tries to blame each other for non-compliance with the tasks. This happens when there is no proper specification of who is responsible for which task.

This has a very bad impact on the users of the site and their experience in the same. Finally, it also shows an adverse impact on the sales of the company. Nearly 60 % of the website traffic is driven by organic search. So it is worth investing your time in getting it right. The real magic happens when both the on-page and off-page aspects are combined.

Help the content team with the proper framework:

There should be clear content rules and expectations. The guidelines should be framed in advance for important things so that there is consistency in the tone of the content. Rules should be clear regarding the following things.

  • How to optimize the images,
  • What sources are approved for external linking,
  • How to use the headers and footers, the rules related to title tags, and immense knowledge about the readers and their level of understanding on the topic

This shall provide a baseline for the content creators and they will be able to provide you the optimized content which when placed within the technically sound framework and make a powerful combination.

Balance even the budget distribution for technical and non-technical aspects:

Borrell, the local media forecaster is expecting that the SEO expenditure might reach up to $80 Billion by 2020. There should be a holistic approach to SEO and it should be given importance as an integral part of the entire marketing strategy.

But care should be taken that there should not be any fight between the technical and the creative team for the budget. The technical team by no chance try to get an extra bite from the budget allocated for the creative team, considering them non-active in the decisional function.


Although the technical and the non-technical aspects and planning differ greatly, it is very essential that they search for ways to work together, as only there lies the opportunities for the company to grow and expand.