Choosing the best virtual answering service doesn’t come easy for any business, and sometimes it can be downright stressful, hectic, and you may end up being lost because you don’t know what exactly to look for. There are also many out there, such as Answering 365 – top answering services company, Answerconnect, and others on the list that claim to offer services that are unparalleled, although many of them can’t follow through with a commitment to your project as well as Answering365. In this article, we’re going to cover how virtual answering services provide business phone answering support to different businesses of all shapes and sizes, and why Answering365 is one of the best.

The Skinny on The Best Answering Service

By taking careful analysis of phone answering support provided by Answering365 compared to other competitors, it’s easy to see exactly why they’re moving their way up quickly to be one of the best in the nation. They started out small in California’s medical field, and have worked their way to outreach to numerous clients in other industries as well. They are fully certified and HIPAA compliant, and their services are extremely diverse. Many other services only provide certain types of answering services or voicemail services. They may have numerous packages but are usually standardized. Answering365 can build your package for you, based on careful analysis and your business’s needs.

Bilingual Service

Many different firms offer bilingual support, but they normally only have a handful of people rather than a dedicated team that can handle Spanish customers (some companies even only have one or two Spanish speakers who are fluent and can handle your calls). This can make it hard on everyone in your company, as well as all of your fellow Latinos because they have needs just like anyone else. By choosing Answering365, they can give you an entire team of Spanish speaking professionals, or even give you a team full of a mix of people to handle both English and Spanish speaking customers. Their job is to do all of the answering and appointment setting so you don’t have to.

Other Services than just Answering Phones

People don’t want to speak to machines, they want to speak to people, and that’s exactly what Answering365 does. Many competitors may have options to speak with representatives, but their primary menu is full of automated services that they may custom create for your business. This is great for your business in terms of saving time in general, but at the same time, it’s horrible for customer service.

Answering365 offers live answering service, and they don’t just simply answer the phones for you, their professionals become a true representative of your company and brand name. Most of the time, customers don’t even know that they’re speaking with an outsourced answering service, which gives your customers confidence in not only your business but the ability to get satisfactory customer service and quality delivery they deserve. And Answering365 has a team dedicated for the overnight shift, so customers can always reach you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

This is the best way to go for a company who can not handle (or doesn’t want to) handle the calls themselves. It will boost your revenue at an alarming rate.