With Valentine Day is just around the corner, malls and streets are flooded with flowers, candy hearts and stuff teddies. Valentine Day is celebrated worldwide. There are many stories behind the celebration of Valentine Day. Well, once upon a time, around the 3rd century there was ruthless ruler named Emperor Claudius II and St. Valentine who was a Christian Martyr. It has believed that Emperor Claudius II banned the marriages of young men because young men became weak in war. The hero named St. Valentine who secretly start performing marriages to young men and when the Emperor came to know about this betrayal he ordered him to put in jail.

One such story says that when St. Valentine was imprisoned, he fell in love with the blind Jailer’s daughter. And just one day before his execution he wrote a love letter to Julia- the blind girl and signed the love letter as “From your Valentine”, and that’s how till today the lovers address each other as their Valentine.

Since then, the tradition of sending anonymous love letters, gifts, chocolates and floral bouquets have become the significant part of Valentine Day. But there are some countries in the world where people uniquely celebrate Valentine Day. In South Korea, singles celebrate Valentine Day by eating black noodles whereas in Wales lovers give love spoons to their partners. To make you understand every country Valentine tradition Flower delivery in Chennai has created an infographic which showcases the celebration of Valentine Day across the World.