Sikkim is a mesmerizing state up in the northeastern periphery which houses the famous Kanchenjunga peak that is termed as the 3rd highest peak in the entire globe. The state might be small in comparison with the major states of India, but the tremendous natural beauty housed in this heavenly territory is something to look forward to for tourists, and especially trekkers. Sikkim has about 28 mountain peaks with pathways that are lined with aneye-catching view of the snow clad mountains and glaciers. This boost of nature is a much required getaway for nature lovers.

Sikkim has endless options for trekkers with the Kanchenjunga Trek as the best among them. Here travelers can locate some of the untraced beauty in its raw form. The lakes and lush greenery make up for a perfect location to bring down that stress that makes you go light and happy. The best part of trekking in the Kanchenjunga Trek is the ultimate destination which is the “Kanchenjunga Glacier.” This track starts from the low lying areas of tropical forests moving via the forests filled with rhododendron plants and finally to the glacier.

Famous Treks at Sikkim for an Adventurous Journey:

  • Green Lake Trek:

The Green Lake Trek is a part of a district in Sikkim that is known for its beauty that is majorly unexplored as treading in this area requires a series of permissions. When trekking in this area, one needs to have all the necessary requirements as the place lacks any kind of villagers or locals living in the area. The trek starts at the base of the Kanchenjunga which follows a series of scenes including flowers with mesmerizing colors, chirping birds, rushing water from waterfalls and thick forest cover.

  • Dzongri Trek:

The Dzongri Trek is located at the height of 4000 meters from where the journey towards another 3983 meters continues constituting of tracks that bring together some of the best features of Sikkim. While treading through the lap of nature, trekkers can see oak forests that are laden with moss along with thewide found presence of bamboo, rhododendron, birch as well as maple. These dense forest areas are home to exotic varieties of orchid flowers as well as wild flowering plants that add colors to the white and green background of forest and snow.

  • Varsey Trek:

The best time to plan an adventure journey on the Varsey Trek is during the months of March and April when the rhododendrons of wide variety thrive and bloom in full capacity providing a spectacular sight to the visitors in the area. While treading on the path, one can see the Rhododendron Sanctuary which acquires an area of 104km sq. The forest near the Varsey area comprises of silver firs, hemlocks, rhododendron trees, magnolia and wild shrubs.

  • Rhododendron Trek:

The Rhododendron Trek has been termed as a path to paradise for trekkers from where one can see the famous peaks such as Everest, Makalu, Kanchenjunga, along with Lhotse which make up the 4 highest peaks from a total of five in the world. The locals here term this track as “Guras” and a trek through this path lead to a location filled with beautiful flowers bringing the best of Himalayan beauty. While walking through this path, trekkers can see famous wildlife sanctuaries like Barsay and Maenam. The famous Sandapkhu Trek is surrounded by aconite plants that are venomous in nature. It is one of the highly preferred treks for adventure seekers who are in search of some peace and beauty.

Sikkim is a short-cut to paradise which attracts thousands of tourists each year. Several Sikkim tour packages are also available for people to avail which includes some of the major treks in the bundled/ combination.