Placed steadily and consistently on the list of romantic cities in the world, Jaipur in Rajasthan is one of the best places to visit as a couple. Gorgeous palaces, pristine lakes, historic landmarks, delicious food, and remarkable fairs, Jaipur offers all these and much more to all its visitors! But what are the things that make Jaipur a romantic city? Actually, the list of reasons why Jaipur is one of the most romantic cities in the world is endless. Listed below are some of them to help convince you of the fact and to next vacation here with your sweetheart.

  • Heritage palaces to enjoy together

Many people dream of living in fairytale-like castles replete with gorgeous views, remarkable gardens, and spectacular views. Jaipur makes all this come true! You can have the chance to stay at a palace-turned-heritage hotel in Jaipur along with your princess when you arrive on cheap flights to India . Live like royalty for a few days and get pampered with only the finest of service and amenities.

  • A romantic stroll through gorgeous palaces

Be its forts, palaces, or other such historic landmarks, Jaipur has numerous stunning ancient structures to explore. Couples generally love to explore the palaces in Jaipur which once belonged to royalty (some of them still do). The architectural beauty if these places cannot be described in enough words! A visit to any of these stunning palaces provides great photo ops. You can click tons of romantic photos with ethereal castles in the backdrop.Don’t forget to read about some of the most popular Jaipur Markets.

  • Live in a tree house!

Jaipur is among the ultimate romantic destinations in India to visit on cheap last-minute flights. Proving this is its sublime blend of nature and modernity. While there are cosmopolitan areas in the city, it has not lost its connection with nature. You have the chance to live as lovebirds in a tree house in Jaipur. There are countless resorts that offer this unique opportunity where you can live amidst nature but with completely modern amenities as well.

  • A cultural extravaganza to absorb

Rajasthani culture is among the most fascinating ones in the world and you are given the chance to experience it, you must not miss it! While every part of the proudly displays its culture, experiencing it in places such as Chokhi Dhani with your beau is an altogether different thing. Together, you can learn more about this fascinating culture through the dances, puppet shows, fairs, folk music, and traditional singing displayed at the cultural centers.

  • Shop for ethnic things together

It’s no secret that any trip is incomplete if you haven’t done a bit of shopping. When you arrive in Jaipur on cheap business class flights, make sure to take your lady shopping for some of the most incredible ethnic stuff. Handicrafts, clothing, accessories, stylish footwear, and handbags are just a few of the many items available in the city. You can buy exotic and beautiful things to gift each other in one of the most romantic gestures ever.

  • Take an Elephant ride together

You can go all the way to Amer fort riding on a richly decorated elephant! Accompanied by its Mahaut dressed in traditional Rajasthani attire, you’ll be able to go up to the fort riding the elephant together. As you make your way up, you’ll feel transported to a regal era of ancient times. It’s hard to argue that taking an elephant ride together to a fort in one of the most romantic cities in India is not a romantic thing to do!

  • Hot Air Balloon Session

One of the most romantic things for couples to do in Jaipur, newlyweds or otherwise, is to take a hot air balloon ride together. You will get the chance to see thrilling sites from an incredible altitude. Watching the city below from an eagle-eye vantage point is not an everyday opportunity and enjoying this with your other half is even better. You can view the stunning skyline, gorgeous forts, ethereal palaces, sparkling lakes, and spectacular landscape among other amazing sights.

  • The perfect ‘Date Night

We’ve already covered the palaces and forts in the list. But other romantic locales in Jaipur include its countless spectacular restaurants. Whether you wish to have a candlelight dinner at a rooftop restaurant or wish to sit down to enjoy a quiet meal in the utmost traditional setting, Jaipur has got you covered. This is the best place to help you have that perfect date night. Along with the others mentioned above, this is one of the many reasons why Jaipur is one of the most romantic cities in the world!