Education is the key to success. It is what makes a man. It is only through education that one may achieve his or her dreams. However, education is not confined to school or the text book. Education refers to all the skills we pick up in our lives that help us improve as human beings and it begins sooner than you may expect! Yes, education begins at home when you are just a toddler.

It is common knowledge that kids learn faster than adults. As such, the preschool years are extremely important in a child’s life; they constitute the first stage of a child’s education. Thus, the parents’ role as a child’s first teachers cannot be emphasized enough. Here are 7 educational activities for toddlers which are fun for both parents and toddlers. These are ideas that let you spend some quality time with your kids and, at the same time, ensure that your kid gets a head start in the educational world.

Educational Activities For Toddlers At Home

  1. Take help of toys to teach your kids:

Educational toys are a great way to introduce new concepts to children. For example, you could use a toy clock to teach them how to tell the time, puzzles to teach them opposites and color and toy pianos to teach them music.

  1. Try to identify colors:

Instead of having regular lessons, try to incorporate new ideas during everyday activities. You can point out different colors while watching television, on walks with your kids or while telling stories. You could also help them learn colors with the help of color sticks.

  1. Planting a garden:

It is important for kids to learn about nature. Planting a garden introduces young toddlers to the world of science at an early age. They learn about the different stages of germination, conditions needed for a plant’s growth and the different parts of a plant. Try to introduce concepts like photosynthesis by telling your kids “plants make their own food from sunlight, all we have to do is give them water” scientific terms are not important at this stage.

  1. Play musical games:

Music has been proven to develop language, literacy and communications skills in young children. As such, teaching your child through music is a great idea! Using songs to teach children alphabets is an age old procedure, take it a step further by also using it to expand their vocabulary.

  1. Make a family picture tree:

Teach a kid about the people around him or her. Making a family tree introduces a kid to his or her family history in a fun way. Add pictures to make the tree more interesting.  It’s even better if you have a short anecdote about each person.

  1. Writing skills development:

Your kid doesn’t have to wait to go to school to learn how to write. A preschooler can be introduced to writing at an early age through join the dots and basic handwriting exercises. A calendar can be used to teach them how to write numbers and spell the days of the week.

  1. Kitchen classes:

Do not worry! We are not suggesting that you teach your 2 year old how to shop onions or cook risotto! You could take a young kid into the kitchen with you to teach them about the different utensils. You could ask them to name the fruits and vegetables and observe you while you do your chores. Not only does this provide more time for interaction between kids and their parents but also introduce the concept of household chores as something natural. You kids could join you in your chores once they are a little older and this will prepare them to be young independent adults.

Today with low cost educational loans and student education EMI anyone can afford a good education. Prepare your kids for their educational journey. It is never too early to begin. These 7 educational activities could be the first steps towards a bright future for your kids.