Everyone is looking for a deal and holidays are no exception. When it comes to the best vacation to get a great deal, cruises are always up there. So, what are some tricks and tips for getting the lowest price? Like any purchase, a little research will get you what you want at the lowest price.

 Book at the Right Time

The best time to find great rates on a cruise is 60 to 90 days before departure. Why? With most cruise lines this is the last opportunity for travellers to cancel reservations without penalty. However, this is not the case for all cruise lines. At this time, the cruise line will know precisely how many cabins are full and if any are spare. If there are plenty of additional cabins, the cruise line will want to fill them quickly. At this point, they will heavily reduce the price so the ship is full.

 Shop Around

Many cruise liners have tight restrictions when it comes to travel agency discounts. However, cruise sellers have authorised ways of accessing lower prices or offering different booking bonuses to other sellers. Always shop around for the best deal. Cruise liners, like P&O,have dedicated web pages focusing on deals. If you can’t find anything on the web, try calling them up.

Don’t Choose Peak Travel Times

When is the best time to cruise? Calendar-wise, there is little chance that you will find a great deal over the Christmas or New Year’s period. It could even be more difficult in the summer months.  There is no harm in looking. However, your best bet is searching during the non-peak times.

Obviously, fewer people are travelling, and there is more chance you find something that will tickle your fancy.

Be Flexible

When you are searching for a deal, that will typically mean you are booking late. The early birds have already sorted their plans, and you have to select what is remaining in regards to cabins. You are less likely to get your ideal cabin with a balcony or an in-demand suite. Furthermore, you might miss the prime table in the restaurant or other popular activities. When you’re searching for a bargain, you need to expect to miss out on some things. Be flexible and don’t get your heart set on specifics.


You have got a great deal on your cruise, but then you have to pay for an expensive flight. Is this a bargain? Finding value is critical for getting a great deal. How much compromise will you make before you bargain becomes a hassle? At what point do you stop? Many times, you will have the opportunity to get a great deal, but you need to make a sacrifice or pay for something else. You need to define the value.

Repositioning Cruises

What are repositioning cruises? Typically, a cruise ship will spend months sailing from the same departure port. After some time, they will reposition and sail a one-way course to a new departure port or destination. This one-way route will be heavily discounted.

There are a few things you need to know about these cruises. They are usually around two weeks long instead of seven days. They include a lot more sea days, as well as an odd selection of ports. Additionally, because these voyages start at one port and finish at another, passengers are responsible for getting themselves a plane ticket back home.

Keep Your Passport Up to Date

Is your passport up to date? A bargain cruise deal is great until you realise your passport has expired. A passport renewal is expensive, and priority renewal which allows you complete the process faster will cost you even more. Always ensure you have a valid passport before you go ahead and start booking last minute deals.

You are ready to find your bargain deal! Don’t waste any time, the quicker you start looking, the better!