Your budget may be tight as a start-up but learning to outsource essential business activities can give you the time to maximize the chance of business success.

Outsourcing is a great way of tapping into a skill set of specialists, as well as bridging the gap until you can afford to employ someone with the extra set of skills every growing business needs.

1. Appointment, Scheduling, Answering Phones and Other Basic Administration

Virtual assistant services are becoming increasingly popular and not just for start-ups but established and growing businesses too.

A cost-effective way of hiring someone to provide key services such as live chat support and reception services can free up your time away from the phone and the work email to concentrate on other aspects of your business, namely winning new customers and welcoming returning customers back too.

2. Graphic Design

You know how you want your logo and branding to look but do you have the skills and the time to translate these into a stunning visual display of your business?

Graphic design sends important visual clues to your customers and potential clients which is why getting it to spot on is essential to your success.

It needs to hit all the right notes and in the correct order. Creating a logo is not just a case of grouping together shapes and colors it is a story of your business.

Freelance graphic designers offer their services at a competitive price and can create stunning logos and branding for a start-up that can send the message you want.

3. Bookkeeping

There are so many things to stay on top of when it comes to running a business that you have to wear many hats, including that of bookkeeper.

In any business, money is essential, and understanding the cash flow and managing invoices are important skills in a start-up – in any business really, no matter the size – but when you are busy fulfilling orders, bookkeeping can slip by the wayside.

Businesses mainly fail for one reason– lack of detailed financial management and planning. It is more than keeping an eye on the money. It is the process of having a real-time understanding of the financial health of your business.

An accountant is essential, as is the person – the bookkeeper – who keeps everything in order for the accountant and you to understand your financial position.

4. Web Design

Like graphic design, your website sends important signals to potential customers when they land on it. Why would you want to take the chance of people navigating away from it because there is missing information, clunky or slow loading pages and so on?

Website hosting providers may market their platforms as being easy to use, but the background basics can be missing. Things like meta tags and meta descriptions that help search engines to find your website, amongst other things.

Choose from some very talented freelance web designers or opt for an agency to create your website for you.

5. Marketing

Businesses fail because the cash is not flowing or the money is not being managed well. Lack of marketing, poor marketing, and misdirected marketing can also feed into failure.

Any business needs customers no matter what industry or how big or small, or how long it has been in business.

It is hard work to persuade people to buy from you. You’re a new business why should they trust you? They already have their trusted brands, why swap to you?

Effective marketing answers these questions. Which is why finding the right marketing agency in Cheshire is essential for your start-up.

You don’t have to outsource everything, but for any job that requires a specific skill set you don’t have, it might be worth considering, as you’ll get value for money and a job is well done without having to hire an extra employee.