Suicidal thoughts and depression, like all other mental health problems, can affect anyone regardless of their gender, background, age, or race. Suicide results from untreated mental health disorders such as depression. Although suicidal thoughts are common, they should never be thought of as normal-they often indicates an underlying severe mental health issue. Thousands of people die from suicide every year and leave behind loved ones who are often negatively affected by the loss. Too often, suicide loss survivors are left with feelings of stigma and shame, which prevents them from openly talking about their loss.

September is the National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month- a month to come together and share stories and resources to combat suicide- a highly stigmatized and taboo subject. Everyone should use this time to reach out to individuals affected by suicide, connect with suicidal friends, and family and creates awareness about this topic. It’s essential to ensure that your loved ones have access to the resources and professional help they need for suicide prevention.

Talkspace and Dr. Brandt Foundation Partner up to Support the Black Community

The virtual mental health provider TalkSpace has joined hands with Dr. Brant Foundation during Suicide Prevention Month for the yearly #SayILoveYou campaign, whose primary goal is to support the black community. The Dr. Brand Foundation uses this campaign to call attention to the imperative need to use culturally responsive mental health care to support the black community. The foundation has committed to financially backing 100,000 hours of virtual professional mental health care services.

As part of this campaign, the foundation has also committed to 25,000 dollars, which will fund over 10,000 hours of on-demand and online professional mental health services. They are also offering a communal 150 dollar discount off the monthly subscription. Dr. Brandt Foundation is also offering a 150 dollar discount voucher for any purchases made on their skincare website. The foundation has taken an initiative to support the black community as a step towards the ongoing fight against racial inequality.

Fast Facts About Suicide

Below are facts about suicide that highlight the importance and urgency to promote Suicide Prevention Awareness Month:

Individual Impacts

  • Up to 75% of individuals who die by suicide are men

  • Although more women attempt suicide than men, men are four times more likely to die

  • Suicide is the 4th leading death cause among people aged 35-54 and the second leading cause of death among those aged 10-34

  • The general rate of suicide in the US has increased since 2001 by 31%

  • 46% of the total number of people who die by suicide suffer from and are diagnosed with a mental health condition, and 90% of them experience symptoms

The Communal Impacts of Suicide

  • In 2017 suicide was the leading cause of death among Asian Americans aged between 15-24 and the second leading cause of death among African Americans aged 15-24.

  • At least 10% of young individuals state that they have experienced suicidal thoughts in the past year

  • Transgender young people are 12 times more likely to commit suicide than the general population

While suicide rates are lower among African Americans than among white people, it is still a serious problem affecting the black community today. Through offering online and virtual counseling services, TalkSpace and Dr. Brandt Foundation are taking suicide prevention efforts by addressing and identifying protective and risk factors relevant to the black community. The two organizations are taking a culturally proficient approach to help the black community during National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month.