Despite the fact that we are fully conscious that we are eating our way to obesity, blood pressure, heart disease or diabetes we just can’t stop. We disregard all the clues that we are more than full, but we go on and on and on. The truth is, Weight loss journey is a roller coaster and overeating is a monster one we hate and fear but have no idea how to get rid of. Secondly, eating is healthy. We can’t live without food, we get hungry, and we get cravings which usually go away soon after we get a bite. Eating more than your belly should carry occasionally is perfectly reasonable, eating your stress away happens to almost everyone. However, overeating occasionally can easily metamorphose and become a roadblock to weight loss and life-threatening. It’s a real problem

The saddest thing is few people understand how someone could eat even if full or how an overweight person would take delight in fast foods. People throw you mean stares every time you walk in a fast food joint. What people don’t know is that people who suffer from compulsive eating are fully aware of it and always feel terrible, disgusted and consumed with shame afterward, they just don’t know how to stop.

While some people know what they are eating too much others don’t. The following are signs to look out for

  • When you just can’t stop eating even when you know you should.
  • You consume more massive quantities of food than an average person.
  • You always prefer eating alone rather than eating with friends.
  • Feeling hungry whenever you are stressed and feeling better after eating.
  • Being angry at yourself after overeating. Guilt or shame do not follow occasional overindulging.
  • Feeling desperate after failing to avoid overeating.
  • Feeling concerned about your weight after eating.

Usually, the obvious sign is wondering whether you are over eating for whatever reasons. Let’s look at some few ways to curb that appetite and finally shed those pounds.

  1. Drink water regularly

Staying hydrated makes your stomach feel full even when you’re not, which is a good thing for someone struggling with overeating. Always, take a glass of water before meals and you will notice a significant decrease of the potions you eat. Besides some people never tell apart hunger from thirst.

  1. Just walk away

It’s much harder to resist temptations of overeating when the food is staring at your face screaming at me. Whenever you feel like eating, leave the room go somewhere else and keep yourself busy. You know what they say, out of sight out of mind.

  1. Reduce stress levels

Stress is the number one reason why most heavy people eat. The more they are picked on, the more they eat and more weight they gain. The cycle just never ends. Stress is inevitable for a normal human being and alleviating it is much easier said than done. However, there are several known healthier ways to reduce stress. You could try yoga, meditation or get a hobby.

  1. Build high-volume meals

One of the most efficient ways to stop overeating and lose weight is eating foods with fewer calories and more water content. Always go for fruits and vegetables whenever you feel hungry. It’s like killing two birds with a single stone. Reduce calories and stay full at the same time.

  1. Remind yourself why you should stop overeating

Sometimes what we need to achieve something is a pretty good reason as to why. Are you just tired of people treating you differently due to your weight, worried about your health, desperately want to fit in that dress, whichever reason you have, recite it every day you feel like overindulging?.

Stopping overeating to reduce your weight might be a rough journey that’s why losing weight has become easier with more and more weight loss supplements flooding the market at favorable prices. One of the most praised and hyped supplement is Garcinia Cambogia a citrus fruit from southern Asia and India. The supplement became famous after it appeared on TV shows back in 2012. DR OZ talks about it with too much adoration, and many people have sworn by it for their almost mythical weight loss without breaking a leg or the bank. It never hurts to try.

See, how to stop overeating and lose weight is not an esoteric trick, it’s a firewall easily penetrable. If thousands can, so can you