Solutions provided by bulk SMS resellers help clients in making an additional income by purchasing and then directly reselling message credits to their specific customers. Resellers carry out the task of buying SMS credits in huge and then selling them in minuscule batches to consumers. Bulk SMS reselling solutions are specifically designed to provide customers with the scope of reselling SMS credits to consumers for business and individual purposes.

The Incentive Structure of Reselling SMS Credits

Bulk SMS resellers buy SMS credits from specific providers. Take, for example, the cost per SMS credit of 100, 000 credits is around 2.84 Euro cents. Resellers can choose to sell these credits in minuscule batches of 100 credits at the rate of 3.6 Euro cents per credit. Hence the profit that would come from the resell of the SMS credits is 0.76 Euro cents each SMS credit. If this process is continued by the reseller on a monthly basis, the reseller’s earnings will be €760.

Ideally, the reseller will be having several smaller customers in place of only a few big clients. The financial incentive that comes from the process of reselling SMS credits has been specifically structured to meet this income objective. Nevertheless, there is some form of risk undertaken by the reseller as well. The risk is that the reseller needs to buy the credits upfront from the providers. Also, it is necessary for the reseller to collect payment from the customers. An important point to be noted herein is bulk SMS credits do not expire in any circumstances.

Benefits Gained by Bulk SMS Resellers

One of the best advantages for the bulk SMS resellers is that they have the option of extending their existing commercial bonds with consumers for including the potential of sending out messages in bulk. The bulk SMS providers do not bill the resellers on a monthly basis. However, the resellers have the option of billing their consumers on a monthly basis. Hence, the requests for loading credits to the account of the customers can easily be charged by the resellers to the monthly account of the consumer.

The majority of the bulk messaging providers do not have any training staff or sales executives. They might already pay a visit to the consumers and be in the position of helping them out with the registrations and the downloads. They can even offer basic training on making use of SMS products at the premises of the customers. The resellers also get the option of undercutting the prices of the messaging providers. Consider the example provided above where the reseller gets to sell a group of 100 credits at the rate of 0.036 per SMS credit in place of €0.0375 per SMS credit.

Another huge advantage of serving as a Bulk SMS reseller is that you are not required to pay any monthly bills or set-up charges. As a reseller, the cost of buying credits from a provider is according to the regular SMS credit batch prices provided on the pricing tables displayed by the SMS credit providers. The price that the reseller’s consumers need to pay is completely dependent on what the reseller is looking to charge. However, the prices charged by the reseller will also depend on the perception of the consumer in regards to the value-added on the part of the reseller. Here, it is important to note that the resellers have the option of using Bulk SMS pricing tables in the form of guidelines without the obligation of following the costing. Resellers also have the scope of selling the SMS credits at higher or lower rates. There are some SMS providers that even enable the bulk SMS resellers to sponsor credits to other accounts. The accounts can be those of clients or team members.

By serving as a bulk SMS reseller, you can easily become a good messaging provider to consumers by way of possessing a site that is completely branded through a logo and company. There is a bulk SMS reseller sub-accounts ideal for enterprises and agencies. Majority of the reseller packages come with these added features:

  • Company website

  • The flexibility of settling on a preferred price

  • The option of creating unlimited dealers, partners, and users

  • SMS gateway API

  • Web interface for sending SMS

  • Secure connection

  • Instant activation

  • Technical assistance

  • No limitations on creating users under an account API with one’s own branding

  • Admin interface for deleting, adding and modifying users.

  • Uninterrupted services with a guarantee of 99% uptime.

  • SMS delivery on all mobile networks.

  • Complete security for all database customers.

  • Dedicated messaging bandwidth.

  • Fast and efficient.

  • Affordable rates and best returns on investment.

If you are really looking to serve as a bulk SMS reseller then it is important that you make the choice of a trustworthy bulk SMS provider. Make sure that the reseller solutions coming from your SMS credit provider enable you towards earning more revenues by purchasing and then reselling the message credits to consumers.