The cool mist over the lake waters gives way to the light sun rays. Boats idly meander on the gentle currents while in the backdrop, the mountains stay guard. This may sound like a dreamy intro for a movie scene but it can be what you wake up to every day. The US has always been a haven for real estate and the shorelines and forests around Lake Keowee and Lake Jocassee are gaining many interested suitors.

How To Find The Best Real Estate

Lake Keowee and Lake Jocassee have spawned a thriving real estate ecosystem as people are discovering the natural beauty and good connectivity of the place. Finding the property of your dreams requires you to trust the right people. The best real estate agents are those with ample experience. The agents at Top Guns Realty have been around for close to three decades and their accumulated multi-million dollar sales indicate top-class service and client satisfaction.

Lakes Keowee And Jocassee – Scenery And Activities

There are so many reasons why you will love living in the Keowee and Jocassee areas that it will be impossible to list all of them here. But we can certainly explore the highlights that attract people from all over the country.

The outdoor enthusiast will relish the endless possibilities that the trails and natural attractions of the Keowee-Jocassee region. The lake itself is a fascinating centerpiece in this most picturesque corner of South Carolina. With the right supervision, a dip into the cool waters of Keowee is a perfect summer activity. The Lake Marina is a place where you can relax and watch life go by or you can get into a vessel and head deep into the waters.

If you love to explore the bounty of the streams and lakes then Keowee offers you some of the best fishing and angling spots in the entire continent. Sport fishing enthusiasts make a beeline here across all seasons, depending on what alluring catch is in store. Apart from the famous bass, you can find rainbow and brown trouts, bluegills, and yellow peaches.

The mild weather here also ensures that you do not remain cooped up indoors during the winters. Those who love the sweeping desolate winter landscapes can enjoy the scenic drives around the lake and mountains. The Jocassee Gorges Scenic Driving Tour is one of the recommended routes. It charts the scenic territories around the pristine Jocassee Gorges and there is even a small excursion into neighboring North Carolina.

All the Modern Amenities

The nearby city of Seneca is a great place to unwind. Apart from its famous historical district – the Ram Cat Alley – there are many restaurants and shopping options in the town to keep you entertained and occupied. The nearest airport is the Oconee County Regional Airport while there are hosts of schools and health institutions in the surrounding counties.

Living in a place where you can enjoy the outdoors while also holding on to the modern comforts of life – this is no longer wishful thinking once you consider the Lake Keowee and Jocassee areas as your new home.