Social media, smartphones and the Internet in general are ubiquitous in today’s world. Many people cannot relax until they have access or passwords to a WiFi code if they’re in a restaurant or club because they are simply so used to being connected through their phones. Many people like to keep their friends, family and general followers updated on their everyday happenings. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and others continue to fuel this. The “selfie generation” or millennials are the cohort of people who have really embraced this and this generation are now in or nearing marriage age. Wedding days are a major deal for people. They represent a huge moment in one’s life as you pledge your commitment to a significant other. The issue of social media does arise and for some, they do not want it at their wedding day celebrations. The reason behind this can vary greatly: some don’t want people to be focused on their phones and hope for them to simply enjoy the day’s proceedings and chat among guests, for other couples it is more about control. Some grooms or brides might for example, like to curate any images that “go online” for fear of a poorly taken image making its way to someone’s Instagram Story for example. For those couples who do embrace social media on their big day, they look at it as a way to gather a wide selection of content from one of the happiest days of their life!
The guys at Loyes Diamonds have put together this infographic below which covers everything you need to know about making your wedding a social affair in more ways than one! Check it all out below.