Years back the only goal of a logo designer was to create such a logo that fits in the upper right corner of the letterheads and business cards. As years passed by and many advancements emerged to the surface; logo designing too begin to alter. However, now the two most important factors have influenced logo designing up to a great extent. One is the increasing usage of smart handheld devices and the other factor is the popularity of social media sites. Now is the time for extra small, precise and more compelling logos.


Tiny Logo Sizes

Social media sites have turned into business generating platforms that’s why it is extremely important to design according to the site’s requirements. Here in this article, I will be sharing some prominent aspects that have evolved and should be adapted to prosper on social media sites with your captivating logo designs. Read on and treat yourself with goodness.

When doing business on social media sites you have to make sure your brand identity is understandable, attractive and the logo is easily recognizable in the small screens of the smartphones. The general size of the logo is around 8mm. It is quite a tiny size and to create the compelling impact you need to choose selective features within the design.

There is a famous example of a football Premier League who have replaced their logo by altering the complicated aspects with more precise and enticing one. Their previous logo had too many complicated features that look clustered on the sites. However, now they have successfully designed a much more persuasive logo. It’s imperative to create a logo that can capture the attention in a blink. Online users have a tendency to skim through a post on their newsfeed. If your logo has the ability to hold their attention for more than a second you can expect to receive a potential lead.

Versatile Design

If you want to work on social media sites, you have to design such a logo that does not have this graphics and text intertwined and connected together. Its aspects must have the capacity to get detach to be used for several purposes. Like I have mentioned above that a logo should be tiny o having a tiny logo with intricate aspects is hard to recognize and understand. Therefore, you must design your logo in a way that it can easily serve its purpose. Designers are now focusing on creating such designs that have fewer patterns or graphics and the text enjoys the main position.

Simplicity is the Key!

Things are getting way easier and creative with such advancements. You do not have to invest your tie and efforts to create a challenging logo. Keep things simple. Add fewer defining aspects, focus more on choosing a compelling font to write your text. Make use of negative spacing and produce a design that can educate, capture, and persuade the target audience easily. Things like geometric shapes, typograph, color strategy and clip art can conveniently deliver your entire idea to the customer. You must try to come up with innovative strategies to educate your audience. Moreover, while working with the color shades. Pick one or two or try to blend shades. Avoid too many combinations it can confuse the viewer.

Avoid conveying a story

Those times are long gone when you have to focus on sketching a story in your design. Now you do not have to design according to a script. Simply add a name a slight sketch of your brand (it could a figure or a pattern) and fill in some colors shades to create a unique identity and voila! Your logo is ready to be uploaded. No intricate features or meaningful concept. Simplicity, creativity, and professionalism are the three basic ingredients that you must have if you want to rule over the social media sites with your ever-enticing logo. As the attention span of online users is getting shorter, they do not invest their time in understanding and unlocking the true meaning of a logo. Therefore, you too do not have to waste your time and focus on other important areas to grow your business.


Let me share one simple tip with you. You need to focus on creating a character in the brand identity of your business. For example the lion’s head in the premier league’s logo and apple in the apple company’s logo. After creating a character try to be consistent. When your audience will come across the same figure, character or which you call a logo again and again on serval paces a strong connection will be created. You do not have to do much efforts to talk about your authenticity as the reliability becomes evident by the frequent occurrence of your brand. Furthermore, on social media sites logo is used for several purposes. It could be sued to add a profile picture or acquire a corner in the cover photo. Therefore, to make things simpler you can focus on enhancing and using that one aspect or character of your logo. For example, there are companies that only use an exclamation mark out of their logo. That particular figure quickly indicates the entire brand identity just by being consistent.

To Wrap Up

The competition is tough and so are the rivals. In such time, it is important to seek help from a professional logo design company to get your logo designed and crafted by experts. Remember just be unique, smart and unleash the creative side to draw a more captivating logo, one that can look perfect on your social profile and can successfully gather traffic as well. No need to burden yourself eth too many graphics or extra challenging color schemes. Research the needs and requirements of your target audience. Check out the preferences of your audiences and those factors that contribute to it, add those features in your design and enjoy a surplus of sales and top rankings of your profiles.