Financial independence is not just a catchphrase without substance anymore. The rapid growth of new technologies and multiple internet platforms is truly empowering. It allows people with no technical knowledge whatsoever but with aptitude for business to create a professional storefront that is connected with the entire world.

Now, granted, shipping logistics often restrict the actual customer base, but that’s not such a bad thing. By necessity, successful businesses often must focus on certain markets in order to develop adequate strategy for them and to achieve the desired penetration. The creators of comprehensive ecommerce building platforms like Shopify know that very well. As a result, Shopify is flexible enough to allow the creation and execution of diverse marketing strategies. Whether you wish to push through promotions or establish a strong social media presence, this powerful ecommerce site builder has you covered. Blogging, social media integrations and in-depth analytics work behind the classy designs Shopify has, marrying the practical with the aesthetic brilliantly.

On top of that, the platform comes with robust e-shop management toolset. Easy inventory management, shipping and payment options, and advanced options for the creations of an enticingly informative catalogue are just a few clicks away. Indeed, a total newbie would need an hour or two to get his or her bearings, but the intuitive user interface, the extensive knowledge base and vivid community help a lot with the seamless onboarding.

All in all, Shopify has deserved its place among the best ecommerce site builders thanks to the combination of responsive designs, excellent inventory management, smooth interface, and listening to feedback from the community. The numbers in the infographic below divulge the full extent of the platform’s success. But even without the impressive stats you should know that you are in for a good ride should you choose Shopify to be the vehicle that drives you toward your financial freedom.