Marketing has always been an integral part of the business framework and absorbs a significant amount of attention for itself. If business marketing is performed adequately, the institution is conceived to achieve success. On the same page, if the institution does not empower business marketing in its architecture it is deemed to face fatal situations sooner or later. Bulk SMS service is a prospering business marketing and communication technique that is finding great significance in the business world today. By empowering such effective services on the account of business marketing, the institution can enjoy seamless benefits and channelize their ventures towards success. In simple words, bulk messaging service is a marketing channel using which the institution can send and receive millions of messages to and from their target audience using the concept of short messaging services (abbreviated as SMS). Using SMS services the institution can communicate with any number of their target audience without facing any geographical restrictions or challenges. Since bulk messaging is completely based on the telecommunication principles of SMS, all that the end-user must have is a basic cell phone with an activated telecommunication operator account. 

Bulk SMS reseller is a progressive business venture that has emerged from the perspectives of this communication and marketing technique. A bulk SMS reseller is an individual or organization which is involved in assisting its owned clients with bulk SMS services pre-procured by the bulk service reseller provider. Speaking in simple terms, the SMS reseller acts as the mid-staged organization that extracts bulk SMS services from the SMS provider institution and furnishes the SMS to it’s owned business clients. Thus, a reseller purchases SMS credits and services from the aggregator and then forth resells them to its business clients. However one must note that this furnishing of services is done by the reseller under its own brand name and therefore earn the deemed business profit. This brand based activity leads to the concept of white label bulk SMS reselling and reselling marketing entity (can either be an individual or organization) is known as white label bulk SMS reseller. 

The concept of White label bulk SMS reseller 

Metaphorical to its name, a white label bulk SMS reseller is a marketing entity that procures SMS credits from the reseller and resells them to the business units further under its own brand name. Thus, the end businesses only know the reseller for the offered bulk SMS services to them and need not realize the presence of bulk SMS reseller provider standing behind the scenes. By collaborating with a reliable SMS reseller provider, the reseller is bestowed to offer it’s business clients with an entire bouquet of benefits that the reseller provider owns. Interpretating this piece of information further, one can rightly say that the reseller is not just licensed to resell SMS credits but also offer other services like reliable hosting,  URL tracking, IVR services, etc.  

With the concept of white label reselling, the reseller obtains the rights to offer all of these services under his brand. MsgClub is an Indore based bulk SMS reseller provider that believes in collaborating with institutions and individuals willing to pursue bulk SMS reselling as a business venture and deems to act as a support system in establishment and effective running of these collaborative ventures. Been in the business marketing and communication industry for over a decade now, the institution is well versed with the intricacies of customer interaction and marketing strategies.

Expert support 

As stated, MsgClub is a pioneer in the field of business marketing. Owing to the same, the institution exactly understands the specific needs of bulk SMS reseller and thus facilitate with approximate features. Three of such striking features are highlighted below. 

1. Unlimited sender ids 

As a bulk SMS reseller with the leading bulk SMS reseller provider you get access to unlimited sender ids. This empowers you to assist your business clients with a wide range of sender ids and thus increase your business. Here it is worth noting that these sender ids vary depending on the type of messages being sent by the business client. Thus, promotional bulk SMS have a different set of sender ids whereas transactional bulk SMS have different ids. With the unlimited access to sender ids, the reseller is free to utilize any number of ids for either of the bulk SMS type. 

Adding further, MsgClub offers dynamic sender ids for the reseller usage that too at no additional cost.

2. Free HTTP and XML API integration 

MsgClub understands the need of API in the field of bulk messaging. The institution allures its reseller associates with free application interface integration. A bulk SMS API is the application programming interface that integrates business applications with the bulk messaging system. As a value to this integration, the reseller provider offers two variants of API namely,  HTTP and XML. Depending upon the type of application configurations owned by the user and its intricacies, the reseller can choose either of the API integration and initiate the process of bulk messaging without facing any technical glitches. 

3. Round the clock technical support 

Along with extremely effective bulk SMS services, MsgClub focuses on offering it’s bulk SMS reseller associates round the clock technical support. The marketing firm understands that the white SMS reseller shall further offer the bulk SMS services to its own clients. In order to avoid delays due to any technical difficulties the above stated SMS reseller provider ensures providing 24*7 technical support. This allures you as reseller to be tension free and focus mainly on enhancing your business and simultaneously expanding it exponentially. 

Finding the cost factor

Lastly one must also focus on the cost involved in the field of bulk SMS reseller business. The institutions thinking for undertaking bulk SMS reseller is a career must note that the only cost involved is in purchasing initial bulk SMS credits from the SMS aggregator. Since the entire business works on the principle of bulk purchase and resale, there is no business setup cost involved in the court of reseller. Adding to the same,  the purchased SMS credits come with lifetime validity. Therefore, the procured credits shall never get expired and the reseller can resell them to its business clients as per its convenience. MsgClub offers bulk SMS services at extremely low rates to its reseller associates which in turn entitles the resellers to resell the procured services at a much higher profit margins.