Homestays are an incredible way to get involved with the locals when you are traveling. At the same time, it also offers you the comforts of your home and a great place to stay at affordable prices.

If you have never experienced a homestay, then this article will tell you why you should choose homestays over hotels when you are traveling next time.

Get To Know The Local People

This is the single most convincing reason to prefer a homestay. When you book a homestay, you get to live with local people and experience their lifestyle, the local way. You can never get such a culturally immersive experience in a hotel.

Great Value For Money

According to a leading holiday home booking portal,, homestays are extremely affordable and this is what makes them such a popular choice these days.

You can easily get cheap rooms in the heart of the city that you can never get with hostels or hotels. Some of these homeowners even offer weekly and monthly discounts to people who are planning to stay longer.

Easy Relocation To A New City

When you move to a new city, the experience can be both scary and thrilling. For the first few days, you can consider moving into a homestay to get comfortable with your surroundings. Meanwhile, you can also use that time to look for a place in the city that will eventually call home. Locals in your homestay can also provide you with valuable information about the city that will come in handy when you need it.

Eat With A Family

Who likes to spend days alone on a holiday? After exploring your destination by the day, you can come home to warm meals and eat with a family in the evening. It is such an endearing experience to share your day with the people who care to listen. You can also participate in any other local traditions such as Thanksgiving dinners or Diwali celebration etc. to enhance your experience.

Safest For Solo Travelers

Many people prefer to travel solo these days. It allows you to travel freely, follow your own schedule, and experience the destination at your own pace. However, traveling alone can sometimes get boring or even unsafe, depending on where you are traveling. You can carefully research the homestay by reading reviews of other guests and make an informed decision of booking one. Moreover, you will enjoy the experience of meeting new people, share laughs, and see a destination from the eyes of a local.

Practice A New Language

If you are learning a new language and want to exercise the skill, then the best way to do it is by practicing it with a local. For instance, if you want to practice your French, you can stay with a local family in France and master their language by interacting with them. You can also choose a homestay if you are learning a foreign language abroad. Just stay with the locals and exercise your skills with them. It is much easier to break the ice when you speak the common tongue!

Venture Off The Beaten Track

Even though checking off all the touristy places in a destination is a must, you should also experience the offbeat side of a city to get a full taste of its local flavors. You can plan to stay in a homestay and ask the local families about non-touristy things to do in their city. The citizens almost always have exclusive recommendations that will make your trip unique.

Learn More About Local Cultures And Traditions

Travel these days is so much about experiencing the traditions and customs. When you stay at a homestay, you can get involved in all these local practices to get an all-embracing experience from your travels.

Make Endless Memories

You don’t bring back a lot of memories when you stay in hotel rooms. Do you really remember the concierge you met on your way out of the hotel? This is the thing about homestays, you will never forget how welcoming and hospitable people are from different parts of the world. Your hosts will help you get acquainted with the city and give you so many pleasant experiences that will make your travel unforgettable.

There are many websites these days that allow you to check and book homestays very easily. So next time you are traveling to a new destination, try to stay in a homestay.