Cyberbullying has developed as the most prevalent and horrific online threat influencing teens, tweens, and even adults worldwide. The factor to be blamed for the rapid increase in cyber-bullying cases is the unbridled access to the internet and smartphones. More than 75 percent of teens in the USA own a mobile phone and have internet access. Almost half of those report experiencing Cyberbullying either as victims or witnesses.

Online bullying can have severe and long-lasting effects on victims. It can cause them to suffer from depression, anxiety, panic, and low self-esteem. The persistent bullying can lead the victims to take their lives. Many children do not inform their parents about bullying because they think parents would not understand them or take their phones back. It makes the parents unable to provide support to their kids and protect them from bullying. Believe It or Not, Your Child is a Bully.

What is Cyberbullying?

Cyberbullying is the use of mobile phones, computers, social media, emails, the internet, and other digital devices to frequently harass, offend or making fun of someone. Online bullying is considered to have more horrible impacts on the victim than face-to-face bullying.

How to Protect Children from Cyberbullying

Having frequent discussions with kids allows parents to strengthen their bond. The kids who are more close to their parents are more likely to share their problems with their parents. However, there are many other ways to protect your child from bullying including the use of parental control apps. The monitoring and parental control apps allow parents to track the mobile phone use of children and monitor their cyber lives to protect them from bullying and other potential online threats. Read on to know how mobile parental control software enables parents to safeguard their children from online bullies.

Monitor bullying Messages

The mobile parental control app lets you keep an eye on the messages received and sent by your children. It includes the text messages, voice, and multimedia messages exchanged through the messaging and instant messaging apps. You can see the message timestamp and the contact of the message sender and receiver. If your kid is being bullied by someone and receiving harassing messages, the monitoring app would let you know of the situation.

Tap Bullying Calls

The bullying phone calls received by your children can be tracked with the phone spy app. Once you install the app on your kids’ phones, it automatically records the calls received and transmitted from their phones. These phone call recordings get uploaded to the spy app account from where you can listen and download them. The call log shows you the call time, call duration, and contact of the caller or recipient. As well as listening to the harassing calls, you can block the incoming calls from oppressors.

Monitor Social Media

Social media has not just fascinated the teens but it has also attracted bullies and predators. The social networking platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are being used by the bullies. They find their target, make discouraging posts and comments, and humiliate the victim in public. With the monitoring app, parents can track the social media accounts of their kids; read their chats; see their posts and the comments on these posts. If someone is harassing your kid on media by sending bullying messages or making embarrassing posts, the spy app will notify you about it.

Track Emails

Email is another commonly used platform by cyberbullies. If your kid is receiving harassing or embarrassing emails from someone, you can read these emails and see the contact detail of the email sender. The parental control app lets you read the incoming and outgoing emails of your kids and see the email addresses of the email transmitter and recipient.

Monitor Online Accounts

The parental control software provides the keystrokes applied by your kids on their devices. You can get the keystrokes of email addresses, passwords, and usernames to operate the online accounts of your kids. It enables you to find out the bully and also lets you ensure that your kid is not engaged in wrongdoing.

The Bottom Line

Digital monitoring provides great support to parents and helps them protect their kids from the threats in the online world. As well as monitoring, parents are required to educate their kids about online bullying and other potential online threats. Having frequent discussions with your kids encourage them to discuss their experiences and share the unpleasant incidents they face on social media and other online platforms. Meanwhile, prepare your kids to combat the bullies. Let them know that the bullies only aim to tease the victims and giving them their desired response is to make them triumph. Upsetting the bully’s acts or thinking to take revenge can only add fuel to the fire and can have the worst consequences. Block the bully from social media and put the bully’s phone number on the blacklist. More importantly, inform your parents so they can take rational measures.