One of the most exciting countries in Europe, Italy has charmed its visitors with excellent food, scenery, and outstanding architecture. It is packed with so many possibilities that it could overwhelm you. If you have not visited Italy before and are wondering what to see and where to go, then here is all you need to know to plan your first trip to Italy.

The top three

If you are short on time, the best is to pick the big three cities: Florence, Venice, and Rome. One week is enough for you to make the most of the three cities. You will need a minimum of two days in Rome and this means you will have to include the Colosseum, St Peter’s and the museums. Do not forget to toss a coin in the Trevi Fountain.

In Florence and Tuscany, you will get introduced to some of the best wines in the country. You can easily spend two days in Florence exploring the Uffizi gallery and delight in the numerous Duomos. You can also spend your time shopping at the favorite Piazza Della Signoria. For a pleasant experience, you can check into the farmhouses in Chianti and spend your time at the wineries. You can also plan a day trip to Siena where you can see the gorgeous buildings that are as good as art.

Bewitching Venice

If you want to enjoy the best of Venice, you will need a few days here. The most important thing to do is glide down the Grand Canal in a water bus or in a gondola. You can tour the Palazzo Ducale and marvel at the Basilica di San Marco. You will run out of camera space capturing the Venetian architecture. If you are traveling in the peak tourist season and wondering why book a transfer, there are many reasons you should not delay the same. When you have an airport transfer booked well in advance, you can save up on the cost and also ensure that no time is wasted inside the airport. Spend time with your family amid the 150 canals and 400 bridges.

Best of the rest

If you have a few more days at your disposal, you can add on many other sights. Try to include Pompeii and Naples in your visit. There is a Unesco recognized heritage site and many artifacts in Museo Archeologico Nazionale. You can plan a day trip to Pompeii for the cityscapes and gaze into a volcano at Mt Vesuvius.

There are numerous things to do and see in Italy. However, you need to plan a trip keeping the number of days in mind and your personal preference at the forefront. You can spend a day in Milan and make the most of the grant Duomo. Or spend a couple of days at Lake Como and revel in the cocktail bars with your friends and family. One trip to Italy will never be enough but try to make the most of whatever time you have got here.