Summer is just right on the corner, and school vacation is near, this is an excellent time to plan for a camping trip with your family and friends. Camping is one of the activities that distress and provides a momentary escape from the city. This is the time to put down any gadgets you are using and appreciate the natural landscapes around you, and basically, have a face-to-face interaction with your family and friends.

In planning for your camping trip, there are a lot of considerations that you should first look into since this trip takes place for days, and if you decide to bring a lot of people with you, you should early plan everything a month before your camping trip.

In this infographic created by d.light solar, learn the different items that you should pack up before your trip to ensure a safe and fun experience during camping. Let us discuss some of the things that you should consider packing:

Solar Lanterns – Camping trips are all about experiencing sustainable living, for remote campsites without any power, solar powered camping lanterns is one of the essentials that you should consider using since it is a durable and natural way to reduce one-time use batteries.

Alternate Weather Wear – If you’ve decided to go to a remote location and cell service is not acquired, make sure that you pack other weather wear to ensure that you don’t get cold or hot during your camping trip. Weather outdoors is unpredictable, so this means that you should take extra precaution on the wardrobe and other clothing needs that you will be packing.

Multipurpose Knife – A Swiss Army Knife or a Multipurpose Knife can provide your needs during your camping trip. Every camping activity needs to be supported by a tool, and for this trip, you will not need a large heavy toolbox, you’ll just be requiring multipurpose tools like a Swiss Knife to administer these activities.

Rope – Since most of the equipment that you will bring with should be secured with a tight and long material, packing up ropes for camping is essential. Ropes can come in handy in a surprisingly large number of ways and is guaranteed to make camping more convenient especially if you can tie a variety of knots.

Pack of Matches – For warm and cozy nights during camping, it is essential that you learn how to lit a fire, and by doing this you will need a pack of matches that can make things easier for you. Matches also help you to lit up stoves safely when cooking rather than taking the risk of clicking it on several times.

Tent and Sleeping Bag – One of the essential factors that you will be doing during camping is taking a rest. Since this trip gives you the opportunity to take a rest and have proper meditation without the city stress, packing a good quality tent and sleeping for your trip can make you, your family, and friends comfortable during this trip.

Tarps – Tarps are a multipurpose material that you can bring to your camping trip. If you want to make another shelter for your tent, you can quickly spread it out and tie it properly for when the weather starts to change you are ready. If you would like to have an extra layer under your tent, you can also place tarps under it and begin to build your tent in place.

If you are interested to know more about the different tools and items that you should pack for your camping trip this summer, check out the infographic below!
Must Have Items for Camping (Infographic)