Every single year, a lot of new and upgraded versions of all leading mobile phone brands come and every time this happens, the mobile phone fanatics of the world want to own one of the latest ones. It’s reported that most mobile phone users renew their old phones every year to two years on average. This means that millions of phones are stored in people’s drawers or thrown in the dustbin every year.

Discarding cell phones in such a way is really very dangerous, not only for people but also for the environment. They contain lots of hazardous substances that may lead to polluting the atmosphere. So, you must consider any other eco-friendly option. Thanks to mobile phone recycling schemes that allow people to take their mobile devices for cash to recycling centers where they will be disposed of in the proper manner. The most obvious benefit of recycling mobile phone is that you get paid some cash in exchange for your old handset since it has some sentimental value.

Why Is Mobile Phone Recycling Getting Popularity Among People?

Nowadays, there is a legislation, according to which; “it is prohibited to end up the old and broken mobile phones in the landfill sites.” This is why mobile phone recycling is gaining popularity, more and more people are taking up the idea every day.

Engaging and participating in the business of mobile phone recycling offer numerous benefits. Some of them are below; take a look at them!

  • You Can Make Money

The first and foremost benefit is that you can get rid and acquire some extra income from selling your old mobile phone. According to recent statistics, you can normally get back the half or more price of your mobile device through recycling.

Further, the value of an old phone usually depends on its make, model, and condition. For instance, if you have an iPhone 6 in a good working condition then it will fetch the most money as compared to the mobile device of any other brand.

You can use this cash in buying a new phone of your choice.

  • You Can Contribute in the Green Environment

Second, you can contribute a lot to saving the environment from the detrimental toxins that mobile phones contain. When mobile phones are thrown away in the landfill sites, the harmful materials such lead, chromium, cadmium, mercury, beryllium, coltan, selenium, arsenic, and flame retardants inside mobile devices can contaminate the earth and the environment.

The one prevailing damage is that it enters the underground water supply and then pollutes fresh clean water and create severe health issues as well. Another negative impact is air pollution. Yes, when you toss your unwanted mobile phones in the landfills, then the harmful substances inside them spread in the air and pollute the fresh air.

So, you must consider selling your old phones for recycling and participate in maintaining the green environment.

  • You Can Preserve the Precious Metals

Last but not the least, another benefit of phone recycling is that you can preserve some precious metals that are usually imported from other countries by spending a huge amount of pounds. According to stat, there are almost 95 million unused mobile phones in the UK and approximately 20 metric tons of precious gold can be extracted from these mobile phones.

Another study shows that 6000 unused phones have £10,000 worth valuable metals such as gold, silver, copper, and palladium etc. Therefore, you should never leave your old handsets in the drawers or dump them into trash cans. You should recycle them and recover expensive metals.

As you continue recycling old mobile phones, you will be surprised that broken or faulty mobile devices can also be sold for recycling.

What Happens When You Recycle Your Old Phones?

So you want to know what happens with old phones when you sell them for recycling. The answer is here! Good conditioned, functional mobile devices sent for recycling are generally reconditioned and sold on giving them a whole new life. Such refurbished devices are sent to developing countries for resale.

On the other hand, faulty or broken phones that recycled are dismantled and then usable parts are sent back to manufacturers for further use, while non-usable parts are also put to some good use or are disposed of properly.

How Can You Recycle Your Old and Broken Mobile Phones?

Mobile phones can be sold for cash in different ways. You can put them up on many auction websites or offer them to online resellers and make money in exchange for your mobile phones that you no longer want. Most people engage in recycling generally prefer selling them to recycling companies because it allows them to grab as much cash as possible from their old phones.

Mobile recycling companies have made the process of recycling simpler and easier. You just have to follow some few steps. Firstly, select one of the many recycling firms providing free services and visit their website. Next type in your model number of the mobile phone to be recycled. This will show a price of how much they will pay for your handset. Next, choose a payment method; it can be either a cheque or Bank transfer. Once selected and other information has been filled in the particular form, they will provide a free postage bag in which to send off the device. Next, post it and then they have received and checked the phone, they will send the payment within one week.

How Can You Find The Right Recycling Company for Most Cash?

Though, recycling procedure provided by recycling companies is easy, finding a right, highly paid recycling company can be a daunting task. These days, a large number of recycler have come into presence to offer mobile phone recycling services, so it is important to look into many to search for the top price for your phone. If you browse manually each recycling website one by one, it will take a lot of time and effort to find the best one.

Thanks to mobile phone comparison websites that have come up with an advanced technique of comparison so that you can easily find the recycler that will pay you the topmost price for your handset. With a single click, you can get a fair comparison of top recycling websites for selling your old or damaged phones. So, don’t think more! Simply visit one of the top-rated comparison sites, sell/recycle your old phone, and generate some handsome amount of cash in return.