Furniture Removal Company

Well, you are in luck. To tend to all your furniture pick up needs Remove My Junk is the best option. They are the professional local junk and furniture disposal company. The best part about doing business with Remove My Junk is that they serve both homes and businesses in New York City and its surrounding areas. Perspective customers can easily schedule junk and furniture removal services online and, receive a call within fifteen minutes for availing hauling services on the same day.

Remove My Junk offers many services and operates systematically. They will pick up, haul away, and recycle all major furniture pieces provided by their customers. The furniture pieces that they recycle include couches, mattresses, desks, tables, cabinets, sofas, and recliners. Other examples of furniture that they deal with include cabinets, box springs, sofa beds, love seats, bed frames, television sets, and patio furniture.

What is so different about opting for Remove My Junk?

For starters, the biggest advantage is that you can easily get furniture to pick up services on the same day. The cost of these services is competitive and, they also have special offers for their services. So you can get more services for lesser money.

The second major advantage is that they offer bigger trucks and this means they can haul up more things at once. They serve both residential and commercial businesses.

Thirdly, they offer donation and recycling services. For your furniture items, they find families and serve as donors who will provide families in need with furniture items that are no longer needed by people. This way one man’s trash becomes another man’s treasure. There are many people in the community who cannot afford basic furniture when they need it. It will lend a major helping hand to those in need.

Fourthly, this recycling of furniture will make sure that most furniture that can be used does not end up in a landfill. Lesser trash in landfills means that there is lesser trash overall. This way land pollution can be controlled.

So, by doing business with Remove My Junk you not only help yourself, but you also lend a helping hand to your community members in need and the environment.

Don’t dispose of, Recycle or Donate. Do your part for the environment and community with Remove My Junk.

Remove My Junk as a company has sentimental value attached to the recycling services it offers. They narrow down people who are in need. And donate every piece of furniture that can be given away and is in proper condition or can be used if fixed up a little.

They are keen not only on providing fast, quality and professional services to their customers. But, they also believe in serving their community and taking care of their environment. By opting for Remove My Junk you won’t just have the mental satisfaction that you availed high quality, reliable and on time services. You will also have to feel good hormones when you get to know that you’ve helped someone and reduced useless dumping on land.