It is said that we live in an information age also known as digital age.

In the initial digitalization, technology was just a piece of metal that helped humans. But now technology is more than just a bit of metal. Today, we are always associated with a technological piece known as smartphones. And really, I can’t imagine my life without it!

Sometimes I wonder, how did the elder generations live? “Hey, don’t worry, relax, there is an app for that” this short statement describes our today’s life.

Just push a button, tap and command your need and that’s all it takes for anything.

The latest gadgets provide all this luxury. These latest gadgets give you everything on your fingertip.

If you look around, there are loads of gadgets that are making our life more comfortable.

From Smart TV that can detect your gestures to Virtual Reality that can visualise your thoughts, every piece of gadget has made our lives better and exciting

1) Power Banks

I’m kind of person who always has earphones on the go, but I’m also kind of person who forgets to charge his phone. And I hate that, well who wouldn’t? Power banks are just like a superhero for me; it saves my day. Without a Power bank along with me, I’m like “Ohh, my phone’s already dead!, Now what should I do?

Power Bank has earned its place in my backpack! And I know, the case is same with many others. When you give it a thought, Yeah! Power bank has saved your day as well.

Let’s have some scenarios,


It must be the most common scenario; everyone has traveled, right? Do you remember the moment when you wanted to play a game or wanted to listen to music, and then you realise, you have minimal juice left on your device? This is the scenario when power Bank might come in handy.

Functions and Festivals:

It’s the season when there are lots of people around you. It becomes difficult to find a spot as well as time to charge your device. And then while you need your device for like photography, you realise your device is running low on juice. This is also a scenario when Power Bank might come in handy.

2) Smartphones

Smartphone has played the significant role in making our life more comfortable, and it has changed our lives.

Smartphones have features like internet connectivity, camera, portability, gaming and many more; I can go on all day. Bottom line is smartphones are like our partners, without them we are empty. We share, Store and Create our daily chores with our partner’s(smartphone) help.

Smartphones are not only for grownups and professionals; they are useful for kids, teenagers, business owners, busy moms, working-class people and for everyone else.

Internet connectivity 24/7:

Smartphones provide us with a 24/7 access to the internet through wireless networking. It’s has become the primary cause for people to own a smartphone today. This is possible due to the development and Advancement in the sector of Electronics and Wireless networking.

Smartphone Application:

Smartphones have applications available for almost anything. Whenever there is a breach of security at home, a live video feed of one’s house can be seen on smartphones.

People get updates about the latest happenings in their area and updates about latest news and weather all around the world on their smartphones.

With the innovations in technology, the influence of smartphones will keep on increasing in our daily lives. Whenever we face a problem, a smartphone can help us solve that problem and find a solution.

3) Headphones

Studies have shown that Music can do wonders like music can de-stress, relax and even energise a person’s mind and body. So, it’s good to listen to music daily.

And one of the best ways to go about it is to get a headphone or Earphones (whatever you prefer). Here is why:

  1. You can listen to music anytime you want
  2. You can listen to your favourite music without disturbing anyone else.
  3. The easiest way to keep in touch with music that calms you
  4. You can also Isolate yourself from the regular chatters and chaos.

Over ear headphones are very good if you work in a noisy or public place as they can help you to isolate yourself from outer world and concentrate on your work only. And


Imagine a place where everyone is playing their playlist on their speaker. So much noise, right?? How can you even concentrate on what a person is saying to you? Now replace the speakers with headphones.

The world around you, the chatters around you everything doesn’t matter when you get your piece of headphones.

Wearing them and simply ignoring everything around you does the trick to calm most of your tensions and even your senses. A sensation of rest can be achieved by owning a pair of headphones.

It’s Portable:

Headphones, when coupled with your iPod or smartphone, works as a perfect portable music system and you can carry them anywhere.

You can enjoy your favourite music while traveling. You can isolate yourself from the traffic noises and get into your fantasies and it lifts up your mood also.