The ever-growing platforms and channels of distribution have led to a high degree of competitiveness for the musicians and artists. A piece of good music is not enough, anymore, if you wish to be a successful musician. Although it is true that good music is the most important credential for musicians to be successful. The music industry has evolved as a well organized corporate sector in itself. You need to consider that you may need to be business minded too. Turn your talent into a business. Your struggle will surely pay off but it won’t pay your bills. So, what should you do? Music is your passion and you know it. You wish to perform live in front of a thousand people. You wish to be cheered for. But it’s a long way away. Prepare yourself for a long bumpy journey. It might take some time but you will succeed eventually.

Here are a few tips to help you kickstart your career as a musician. But before we move further, let’s get one thing straight that initially, you’ll need to have a day job to support yourself through your struggle.

  • Be Creative And Consistent

You need to keep your audience engaged in your artwork. Keep creating new and fresh music. Be consistent with your music. Consistency does not mean that you should perform the same genre or same piece of work repeatedly. Be versatile. By consistency, I mean that you should be regularly in touch with your fans and followers. If you are a player, then you should have command over the instrument. It is a well-known fact that music has no ends. Following this statement, you can understand that you need to be a constant learner. Keep evolving and practicing diverse music genres. Try to incorporate different styles into your music.

  • Make Use Of The Digital Media

With an enormous number of platforms and humongous crowd-reach potential, social media is the new marketing niche. Create your website, get a synoptic and intriguing bio for yourself, post your photos, publish articles related to your interest and vision. You can also add public reviews to your website. You can post information regarding your new tracks, or upcoming events on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and many other social media. Use youtube to spread your music. There are other platforms as well such as SoundCloud, Shazam, etc. Make use of these platforms. Your audience isn’t just around you, it can be anywhere in the world. You need to reach out to each and every one. You need to work hard for the day people start viewing your videos on Youtube the day you upload them. This is the power of digital media or social media. Establish your online presence. People don’t remember anything they read for more than a few hours or days at the max. They usually sustain what they hear or see for long periods of time. This is a psychologically established fact. Give your audience what they need. You can hire someone to help you with this or you can do it by yourself. But remember, doing it yourself will take a toll on your talent. Keep reminding yourself that making good music is your first priority and marketing it, is second.

  • You Need A Team

As a businessman (creating music is your business), you cannot do everything on your own. You need a team. You need to collaborate with other artists with the same vision as yours. You can always team up with a Music PR who can help you make and sustain new relationships. As you know, business is all about relations. According to Gav Duffy from Raised By Wolves, a good marketing agency should communicate clearly with their clients to best increase their success. As a musician, you must understand that teaming up is crucial for your own improvement as well. Team up with people and agencies that you like and find inclined with your own interests. Your team should share your short term as well as long term vision and should be enthusiastic about working on new innoDifferent jwellery storiesDifferent jwellery storiesvative projects. You can team up with instrument players, EDM artists, singers, pianists, or anyone you like. Teaming up is all the more important when you are just starting up with your career as a musician. Initially, you may find it difficult to pay your team. So, it is better to team up with people who are at the same level as yours.

  • Set Clear Goals

Sometimes, making a livelihood out of music could be a very long process. Prepare yourself for the long haul. Set your goals and work on them daily. You may have to manage your passion with a day job initially. It could be hard at times, but you will have to take out time for your daily practice. As said earlier, you need to be consistently releasing new and fresh content to your audience. There are examples of many musicians who struggled their way to success. Take inspiration from their lives. Don’t lose hope in the middle. You know you are a musician. Now you want the world to recognize your talent. Set your goals on a broad and flexible timeline so that you can amend it whenever you need to. Dreams are not just achieved by dreaming them, they need to be worked upon in a planned way.

  • Turn It Into A Business Model

You have set your goals. It does not matter whether you wish to work on gigs and commercials only, wish to be a stage artist traveling the world for performances. Anyway, you need to sustain yourself for life. Develop a business model as per your goals. Develop your marketing strategy, identify your target audience and apply branding tools. You may need to hire an accountant to keep track of your finances and file your taxes. Another important point that you should keep in mind is to protect your assets. Get your music and other artworks copyright protected. Consult a lawyer to help you with contracts and copyright filing. You don’t want to lose credit of what actually belongs to you. So it is always better to protect your assets and have someone help you with it. Over time you will start realizing the worth of what you have started. Make sure that all your teammates and you agree on the terms of your contract mutually and still wish to work as a team without any grudges. Your business model should involve your promotion and publicity, along with your teammates. If you are a band, then you need your business model to be inclined in the interest of your band and not any individual.

Good music can be hard to create but it’s not impossible. Keep looking for the right music. Keep practicing and don’t lose your hopes. No matter how long it takes to reach the heights you wish to achieve. If you are dedicated to your passion, you will eventually succeed at it. Keep hustling your way through the crowd. Network yourself and make your product community oriented. You can engage more audience this way. There is one more piece of advice that you can use to boost your music career, which is labeling. Although it is not used that much these days, with the introduction of Youtube, SoundCloud, and many other such free streaming platforms, you can still use it for your benefit. Lastly, there is a little secret to making a piece of good music. You should love your music before the audience can love it. So make sure you adore your own creation before delivering it to the audience.