Motherhood is not easy. Being a mom involves a blend of hard work and compassion every day. If anything, mothers should celebrate every day for all they do. However, Mother’s Day is still special, and it’s not a day you want to forget. Avoid hurting mom’s feelings by having a good surprise for her big day! Can’t think of any ideas to surprise her? Don’t worry! Here are a few ways to surprise mom to show how much you love and appreciate her! 

Breakfast in Bed 

Breakfast in bed has been a Mother’s Day staple for decades. Since the early 1930s, it’s a tradition stuck for decades and persists into our modern age. Yet, what makes this such a great surprise to this day? It allows mom to take a breather and leisurely enjoy a good breakfast. Just as she has provided morning meals for you throughout the years, it’s a sweet gesture to give her a tasty breakfast in return. The best way to pull-off breakfast in bed is by serving her favourite morning meal. Some moms might prefer you to go all out by cooking bacon, eggs, hash browns, and toast with orange juice. Other mothers might just like a simple piece of toast and a good cup of coffee. It all depends on your mother’s taste. Also, if you’re to serve breakfast on a tray to her, be mindful not to trip and get food all over mom. That’s a surprise that she would not enjoy!  

Tackle Her Tasks 

Moms usually have a long to-do list. It can range from doing household chores to running errands. It can be a lot to manage and get done, accumulating some stress for your mom. You can bet during Mother’s Day that the best way to show your love and appreciation is through acts of service. Help alleviate her stress by relieving her of any duties that day. Assure her that you can handle whatever chores she intended to do that day or any errands she planned on running. It is a pleasant surprise for your mother that she would certainly be grateful to you. As a result, it gives mom the freedom to do whatever she wishes on her special day!  

Give a Bouquet 

You can’t go wrong with a bouquet. Flowers, of course, are a classic bouquet you can give to mom. There are various flowers to choose from that you can easily find her personal favourites and curate them just to her liking. Yet, not all moms are into flowers. However, bouquets aren’t just limited to flowers and can come in several unique forms – edible ones especially! Here are a few edible ones that come to mind: fruit, chocolate, cookies, and even a cheese bouquet! Truly the sky’s the limit to what kind of bouquet you would want to give to your mother. It gives you the capacity to get creative for Mother’s Day, which will naturally be a great surprise for your mom! 

A Gift Basket 

The beauty of Mother’s Day gift baskets is that it’s filled to the brim with goodies that she can enjoy! Plus, if you live far from mom and cannot see her, you can opt to have her gift basket delivered, which makes for a great surprise! Beyond that, a gift basket gives you the freedom to curate items and treats you know your mother would love. Is she a wine lover? You can bet you can add a nice bottle of wine as the centrepiece of her gift basket alongside other various delights. Or are you hoping to pamper your mother for Mother’s Day? There are numerous Mother’s Day gift baskets that can include multiple self-care items, so your mom doesn’t need to have a care in the world as she relaxes during her day.  

Mother’s Day Brunch 

Is your mother not a fan of breakfast in bed? You can easily take her out for a Mother’s Day brunch! It allows for mom to sleep in, and she’s getting treated to a quality meal and one that you didn’t have to make! Plus, most Mother’s Day brunches are known to have specials going on, ranging from certain discounts to unique dishes being served that normally aren’t on the menu. Some restaurants that do Mother’s Day brunches can provide complimentary champagne and flowers for mothers. It saves you time and money from having to go out to grab flowers, and it makes for a great surprise for mom to indulge in this way. If you want to surprise mom with a Mother’s Day brunch, it would be in your best interest to ensure you make a reservation. Mother’s Day is a busy time, so best to book early! 

It takes a lot to surprise mom – she’s seen it all. Yet, you can bet one of these surprises will bring a smile to your mother’s face and make her feel utterly special and loved!