The season of heat is here. The time for swimming pools and mountain treks. If you’re a proud homeowner then it is also time to proof your house for summer. Now that spring is over and summer has set in, what do you do to make your house fit for summer?

Doing regular repairs and maintenance on your house can save you a pretty buck later. A stitch in time saves nine. Here’s a checklist you can use. We know that in Summer you just want to kick up your heels, but one weekend of toiling away can save you many weekends later.

1. Check your HVAC systems

Your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system run throughout the year. You need to check these every season without fail and get a professional to come and service it. Read the user manual and see what you can do yourself. Every system typically needs its condensing unit to be cleaned regularly. Some will recommend that you change the filters every 1 to 2 months. Clear the units outside for leaves and debris that may be stuck.

2. Prune trees

If you have trees and shrubs around your house, make sure that you prune them regularly. They could damage your roof and crack your walls. Shrubs may rub against the walls and make them wet. Since plants grow very fast you may have to do this every season. Climb up on the roof and look around it and over the sides to check for damage properly. If need be, consider getting a new roof in case of much wear and tear. Rick Andersen from Lifetime Roofing ( says that a quick way to increase the value of your home is to get a new roof. It’s your house after all. It pays to be vigilant!

3. Touch up paint

With regular maintenance comes taking care of the facade. Every year, your house will go through some wear and tear. Scheduling repairs will allow you to prevent permanent damage. Painting your house is probably the most relaxing repair work you can do. Paint the cracks and walls if need be. You may not need to paint the whole wall and painting when needed shields your house from further damage.

4. Clean the drains

Cleaning the drains and soffit around your house can save you water seepage and damage. If you leave leaves and grime uncleaned they will start to rot causing algae. They also clog drains and do not allow drainage. This is extremely dangerous because still, water attracts insects and diseases. Unhygienic! Ideally, you must clean your drains every month, and every 2 weeks in Fall.

5. Do the deck

The deck of your house is the most dashing part of your house and it makes sense to spend some extra time and energy on it. Maintain your deck every year else it won’t last many! Power wash it to remove any grime and dust. You can even just clean it by giving it a rubbing down. Treat the wood of your deck with paint or an outdoor wood stain to protect it from the elements.

A home is a place to just relax. You don’t want to worry endlessly about things that are in your hands. Put them in gloves and get to work!