Do you spend a lot of time outdoors playing some sport or the other? Do you also wear teeth straightening braces? If that case, you must know how to protect the braces when you play. If you are worried about whether it is safe to play with braces on, the answer is yes. All you need is the right mouthguard for braces.

Importance of a Mouthguard

Getting braces does not mean you have to stop playing your favorite sport. Wearing a mouthguard is the best way to protect your teeth and braces while playing.

It prevents the teeth and the braces from getting damaged, especially in high-contact sports like hockey, football or basketball. Dentists recommend wearing a mouthguard for even light-contact sports.

Let us look at the different mouthguards you can choose to put on.

1.Regular Mouthguard

The regular mouthguards are made of thermoplastic that is heated up and molded to your teeth. These mouthguards do not evolve when the teeth shift during the orthodontic treatment.

This could mean that the mouthguard can hinder with the teeth straightening process by working against the braces. The mold could even fit a little too tightly around the brackets. In this case, the brackets could get knocked off your teeth if you get hit hard enough while playing.

This may lead to additional dental visits and extended orthodontic treatments.

Types of Regular Mouthguards

There are three types of mouthguards you can choose from:

  • Custom-fitted: These are made to fit the exact shape of your teeth. They are extremely comfortable to wear. Custom-fitted mouthguards are expensive but they will fit you perfectly.
  • Boil and Bite: You can customize this type of mouthguard at home. You can buy it at any sporting goods or drug store. All you need to do is boil them in hot water and bite down.

This will give the mouthguard the shape of your teeth. While it won’t be as good as the custom-made mouthguard, they offer more protection than pre-molded mouthguards.

  • Pre-molded: This is the least expensive option. You can pick them up from a store and put them right on. However, they won’t necessarily fit you right nor would they give you the best protection.

2.Orthodontic Mouthguard

An orthodontic mouthguard is the best option if you have braces. It is different from the regular mouthguards and offers better protection to your teeth and braces.

They are made from high-grade silicone which protects the brackets and softens impact while playing. They have a special design that keeps your lips from hitting the teeth. It also prevents your lip from getting caught in the braces.

Orthodontic mouthguards are bigger than regular mouthguards but they are comfortable to wear. Since they are softer and larger, the orthodontic mouthguard will continue to fit around your teeth even as they shift with the orthodontic treatment.

Continue to live an active lifestyle and be fully protected while playing. Mouthguards for braces offer two benefits –protection of teeth while playing and a straighter set of teeth.

Author Bio: Sharon Williams’ day job is to handle digital marketing for Koch Orthodontics in Lawrenceville, GA. With a flair for creating compelling content that clears the clutter and connects with the audience in an instant, she writes about dental topics to educate and help her readers. She truly believes that a genuine smile can win a million hearts and talks to her readers about improving their smiles and overall dental health, as well as enhancing their overall lifestyle. In her free time, she likes to organize small meets in her neighborhood where she brings people together to discuss various topics that she writes about.