We could all use a little extra money, right? Whether we’re saving for the future or just looking to make ends meet at the end of the month, a bigger pay packet would certainly come in handy. When you’re looking to boost your income and already working part-time, you need flexible earning opportunities that fit in with your other commitments.

Here are a few ways to earn some money on the side while working part-time:

Get A Lodger
That spare room in your home could be earning you a pretty penny. Rent your room out to a lodger and you stand to make some serious cash. And if you don’t like the commitment of having a long-term guest, sign up to a site like Airbnb. You can rent your room as a holiday let and decide exactly when and for how long you’re prepared to host.

Rent Out Your Space
It’s not just a spare bedroom that could earn you some money. Unused storage space can be rented out to people looking for somewhere affordable to leave their stuff. Equally, if you live near a city or a big events venue, renting out your parking space could also prove very lucrative. Get online to find sites that allow you to advertise your spare space and then see the requests come pouring in.

Start Trading
It’s never been easier to get started on the foreign currency or stock exchange. You can buy and sell from the comfort of your own home, with handy apps and desktop software. With a little starting capital and a basic understanding of how the markets work, you could soon be growing your cash. Start out with a trading simulator before graduating onto the real markets if you’re nervous about risking your money.

Take Part in Market Research
Market research can pay really well, particularly when you consider how little time it often takes. Sign up with a couple of market research companies and, when they’re looking for someone matching your description, you could find yourself answering questionnaires, sitting in focus groups, or testing new apps.

If you have experience with children or even some of your own, babysitting is a great way to earn some money on the side of your part-time job. It’s largely evening work so it can fit around your other commitments. And it often pays pretty well as parents are willing to stump up big bucks in return for a trustworthy and experienced carer for their children.

Become a Dog Walker
Dog walkers are increasingly in demand. As full-time workers head off for the day, they want to know their four-legged friend is going to get a little companionship and a walk around the block whilst they’re gone. Once you have a few regulars on your books, you can walk a few dogs at a time and make some decent money in the process.

If you have written, web development, design, or even data entry skills, you can find paid freelance jobs online. There are a number of online freelance platforms available where you can set up a profile and search for relevant opportunities. Build your reputation by gaining good feedback and finding work will become easier as you go on.

Whatever your abilities and your availability, there’s always a way to earn some extra money on the side. So many websites these days allow regular people to advertise their space or their skills. It’s really never been easier to boost your income and have a little extra left at the end of every month.


Alana Downer is an experienced blogger whose main interest lies in finances and new technologies. Currently writing for Learn to Trade, Alana might often be found online, sharing her insights into technology trends that shape the way both businesses and individuals function.