Yes, you heard it right. Poverty is not as permanent as the myths surrounding it make it appear. Most of the factors in society that contribute to poverty can be combated by education. What that means is that if the people in the impoverished communities had access to education, their situations would be different. To understand how education can reduce poverty, you first need to understand what poverty is.

Poverty is a condition whereby the basic needs like food clothes and shelter are not being met. Below is how education can help in alleviating poverty.

1. Increment of individual earning

Poverty is characterized by not being able to meet basic needs. Most breadwinners are unable to provide proper nutrition and shelter for their families. That is, even if they have a job. The income that most people get is unable to sustain their families. However, with education, people can get better employment opportunities and a pay rise. With an increase in individual income, one will be able to afford things that they couldn’t before.

2. Education can solve economic inequalities

Economic inequality is one of the things that has made it challenging to eliminate poverty. The rich continue to get wealthier, and the poor people remain destitute. How does education help solve inequality? If people from both the rich and poor backgrounds received the same education, it would make them viable for equal opportunities even in the job market. Therefore, the bridge between the rich and the poor will significantly reduce.

3. Economic growth

Education promotes economic growth. As aforementioned, education helps workers climb to a higher income bracket. What does that mean? If a population consists of educated people, a good percentage of it will be qualified for employment. As a result, the country will naturally be able to achieve economic growth. More so, education gives people the drive and motivation to work hard.

4. Women empowerment

Empowerment of women and girls have been seen to have a significant impact on the economy and the world in general. Women who are educated tend to make better decisions. As a result, they can provide better care for their families. For instance, give better meals, shelter, and cater to other needs. Educated women will also get children when they are ready. This results in more families having decent standards of living.

The unfortunate thing is that due to poverty, most people are unable to receive a quality education. The bright side is that you can do something about it. Join charities such as Yad Ezra. This charity focuses on education and other projects that look to eliminate poverty.