Well-planned business marketing campaigning is all that a venture needs to attain business growth and financial gains. By executing such campaigns, not only can the venture communicate with its target audience but also establish new bonds with potential leads. In the same regards, bulk SMS services are considered a great option to exploit. These services appended with a good product/service line works as the perfect combination for any institution.

While products and services offered by your institution are a factor solely controlled by you, bulk SMS service providers take on the responsibility of effective marketing. To define in simple words, effective marketing is best regarded as “the process of communicating and informing business customers with latest venture updates, activities, products/services and promotional information promptly.” With the above knowledge and urge for SMS solutions, let us look at the role of bulk SMS resellers and service providers in business marketing.

Effective business marketing with bulk SMS solutions

There are various instances where you would wish to communicate with your target audience and detail about new promotional offers, stocks, sales, recent purchases, etc. You can use conventional marketing techniques such as phone calls for this purpose but conventional techniques are pretty time-consuming and cumbersome. To avoid such cumbersome activities, bulk SMS reseller service providers and wholesalers bring in SMS solutions to business marketing at your disposal.

Why choose bulk SMS solutions?

Take, for example, you own an electronics store and wish to offer heavy discounts on electronics on the account of the Christmas season. Further, these discounts are classified within different categories. One way to promote this campaign can be by phone calling while another advanced technique can be using SMS marketing. When considering phone calls, you are sure to put in ample manual efforts. On the other hand, SMS marketing requires the least manual effort and is fairly automatic.

The facts collected by marketing surveys suggest that 97 percent of business messages are read by the recipient just within 3 minutes of its delivery. Therefore, there is a huge possibility that the bulk SMS sent by you will leave a constructive impact on the readers’ opinion. Unlike phone calls, messages can be accessed by the recipients anytime, anywhere without disrupting their current working schedule. Appending to these facts, survey reports also suggest that bulk SMS has a 65 percent higher business conversion rate when compared to any other conventional marketing techniques.

Regardless of the domain you belong to, the above facts and figures make bulk messaging an ideal marketing technique for your institution. To make this technique even more convenient, bulk SMS resellers, service providers and wholesalers bring in attractive SMS plans and services.

How to access bulk SMS services?

If you are keen on using SMS services for your institution, you would be glad to know that various SMS solution providers in India provide smart and economical bulk SMS services. These services prove to be appropriate for hospitals, schools and colleges, e-commerce, hospitality ventures, governmental institutions, etc.

Let us take a stepwise look at how can any business unit acquire and use bulk SMS solutions.

Step 1: Select a bulk SMS Service provider

The primary and the only step you need to put your efforts is in selecting an SMS reseller or service provider. Just as the name indicates, the SMS provider is a marketing firm that offers you SMS solutions for your marketing needs. In the process of choosing an SMS provider, it is advisable to check brand reliability, support services, technical availability offered by the provider and the cost factor. With a close analysis of providers on the above-mentioned points, you can easily choose a dependable bulk SMS provider.

Step 2: Subscribe to SMS services

Frankly speaking, once you have selected the service provider, 70 percent of your work is completed. Post this selection, it is now time to subscribe to your SMS service provider. This can be done by approaching them either physically or by provider website.

Step 3: Acquire SMS solutions

Once your subscription is duly acknowledged and completed by the provider, you receive SMS credits, bulk SMS API, etc. Many SMS providers also offer their clients free transactional bulk SMS credits that can be used for sending transactional messages.

Step 4: SMS solution Integration

Bulk SMS API is an application interface that connects your business software and database systems to messaging solutions. To use this API, all you need to do is append the ready-to-use source code within your business architecture. With this integration done, you are all ready to send and receive millions of short messages to humongous target audiences across the nation.

Step 5: Send bulk messages

With the above steps completed duly, you can send/receive messages to/from the business audience easily by using bulk SMS API. The API enables you to use bulk SMS solutions within your marketing paradigm without changing your business interface. In other words, you can exploit SMS API to trans-receive SMS with the ease of your existing software interface.