Although you can hide the back acne by clothes; however, they still make you feel discomfort and loss of confidence. Beside using medication, home remedies for back acne also a useful method without side effects.

Think about your back with so many acne???? It is terrible, even you can not see them, and you can hide them by clothes. The acne in the end still causes trouble for you. One of them is sleeping problem. It makes you feel hurt and difficult to sleep. Because you can not see them directly, it,’ s quite trying to access the condition so that the healing process can be slow. Home remedies for back acne are one of the safety and useful method in today.

The same acne on the face, Back acne is caused by the pores in the back, which secretes a lot of sebum and sweat combined with dead cells and oil that clog and create favorable conditions for the bacteria to grow. The back skin texture is quite similar to her face. If left untreated, the dirt quickly builds up in the hair follicles and causes acne.

Is this difficult to treat back acne? How to treat clear wholly the acne and bruise. Is the back acne a disease?

The back acne related to many causes.

  1. Hormone disorders: It makes the process of sebum secretion increase, excess oil cause acne.
  2. Hormone imbalance: the amount of progesterone or estrogen deficient or excess also affects the metabolism and body activities.
  3. Unclean hygiene: You can not see the back directly, and it is difficult to health it by yourself, so this condition lasts for a long time cause the acne.
  4. Using too tiny clothes: It makes the skin and clothes scrub together. The acne can spread to another area, and the condition becomes a server.
  5. Diet: Your habit of eating, daily life can affect a lot of the body, especially the food you eats.

Although the back acne is a disease, it is not too tricky for treating. We will introduce you some home remedies for back acne in this article:

  • Apple cider vinegar: Anyone knows apple cider vinegar contains acid which can clean the excess oil and dead cells in the skin. You should use natural apple cider vinegar instead of the supermarket. You mix apple cider vinegar and water by 1:2 proportion, put it on your back, massage and take a shower with warm water. You should do it regularly but not too much because it is easy to cause skin lesions.
  • Mint leaves: In the ingredient of mint leaves contain anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and anti-swelling. Mint leaves are also very fresh, you can use it to reduce the discomfort of acne in the back. You need bright mint leaves, crushed and applied to the acne area in 15 minutes and then clean. You do it regularly, and you will see the acne decrease swelling and burning.
  • Fresh Lemmon: lemon contains natural acid ingredients which help clear the dead cell, healing the acne and reduce the appearance of dark spots after acne. Using fresh Lemmon and rub it on the skin back acne. Wait until it is dry naturally on the skin in 5-10 minutes and rinse it again with warm water. You should do it 2-3 times per weeks. However, Lemmon contains a high level of acid, so it can make your skin become thinner and sometimes cause skin lesions. When you apply this method, you need to protect your back far from the sun.
  • Oatmeal: Oatmeal has many benefits for dry skin, oily skin or even aging skin. They help clean the dead cells and provide nutrition for your skin. Cleaning and improve the condition of acne area. Mix oatmeal with a little warm water. Rub all of the mixtures on the back and wait for 15-20 minutes. Then rinse with warm water. It will be useful if you do this method from 2-3 times per weeks.
  • Tomatoes: Tomatoes can be a magic ingredient for the skin. It does not only make the skin whitening, antiseptic and reduce bruise. Some people sensitive to tomatoes in the face, nevertheless, plants are instrumental in back acne treated. You need ripe tomatoes, bisected them and rubbed into the back area. Keep it in 15 minutes and clean it with warm water.
  • Olive oil: Olive oil have many uses in daily life. It can make the skin whitening, remove back acne and moisturize the skin. You take the Olive oil and rub it into acne area from 15-20 minutes and clean with water. Another way, you can mix it with shower gel, your skin will become perfect.
  • Salts: The salt has beneficial in anti-inflammatory and useful in clean the dirty. You can soak all of your body in a bath of salt from 20-30 minutes. And then dry it with a towel; however, if you have dry skin, you should use moisture products. It can help your skin soften and smooth. You can also use a spray, spray the salt water dilute the acne skin 1 to 2 times a day. Performing regularly, they will have significant effects. You should not rub salt directly in your acne area. It can cause skin lesions and decrease healing process.
  • Baking soda: Mixture of Baking Soda and water can stimulate sebaceous glands to release more oil to prevent dry skin, peeling, and pimples. It is suitable for dry skin. We do not encourage someone who has oily skin. Mix 1 tablespoons of baking soda with water until you have a viscid mixture and rub it in the back. After 10-15 minutes, you clean with warm water.
  • Tea tree oil: This is fast, effective, safety method and does not have a side effect. Tea tree oil has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, clear skin and treats the acne. You need to dilute tea tree oil with water and apply this to your back. You can use cotton to implement it. Do it every day. And avoiding use tea tree oil directly in acne area because it can make your skin become rash, dry, itchy.
  • Ginger: Ginger can treat acne, tighten pores, prevent skin aging more than vitamin E. You crushed it and diluted it with warm water. Use a soft towel, carefully rub it in your back. You do it every day, the condition of your skin will become better.

Beside home remedies for back acne. You also need to have a healthy diet and good habits. Take a shower regularly and hygiene carefully your back. Avoid wearing tight clothing not wear back old clothes. Tie hair neatly and stay far from spicy food or school and beer, sleep enough, drink more water and do exercise every day.

In this article, we showed you some natural home remedies for back acne. It is quite easy to do. However, you need to determine the cause of acne before apply them. If the condition does not improve, you should see the dermatologists as soon as possible.