Marriage is the biggest decision and the biggest day of your life. It is a celebration of love and affection between two people who want to spend the rest of their lives together. It is a huge step to your life and will promise you a bright future. It will be a life filled with your love, children and their future. It might seem like a roller coaster to you with a lot of ups and downs but it will also be a blessing you will cherish for the rest of your life.

It is important to lay a good foundation for marriage so that when you look back at where you started, you will remember the wonderful memories which gave you this beautiful life. Your honeymoon is the time for you to lay a perfect foundation for your marriage and before you begin with your duties as a couple, you need to make the most of your time with each other. Your honeymoon will be the period where you get to know each other better and you will be able to celebrate the presence of one another in your life. The first few days after your marriage are the days when you need to celebrate the love you have and celebration your marriage.

Whether it is your first trip or not, it is not just another vacation you can go on at any time. Rather, it is the first vacation for both of you together and the honeymoon will leave an impact which no other trip will leave on you. If you have been wondering whether to go on the honeymoon or not, here are a few compelling reasons for you to not miss the honeymoon at any cost.

You have waited for really long

At least one of you has waited for too long for the honeymoon. If you think that your honeymoon is not necessary, your partner might be of a different opinion. They could have been planning their honeymoon for years and it has a special charm that will deepen the bond for both of you. Weddings are an expensive affair but your honeymoon is an integral part of being married. You need not opt for a fancy or expensive destination but you need to ensure that it is special and you can relax and strengthen the bond between yourselves.


You have gone through months of wedding planning and this will leave you exhausted. Wedding planning is not easy and will leave you with very little energy. You will have to make important decisions in every situation and it is not going to easy even if you hire a wedding planner. So your honeymoon is the time when you relax and chill, you watch the world pass by and enjoy the company of one another. Do not stay in the city because then you will never be able to relax. You should book a holiday villa for your honeymoon and it should be just the two of you, talking, laughing and lounging.


Those who skip a holiday end up spending their time in the city and get back to work sooner than they should. You will get back to the boring routine and it will put off the charm and the spark of the marriage in only a couple of days. It is important to have privacy after marriage and you need to breathe and take in reality. You are with the love of your life and it is important you cherish this new phase of your life in every possible manner.

Fulfill desires

Everyone has a bucket list and different ways in which they have planned their vacation. It could be adventure, culture, sightseeing or even traditional. You can plan a honeymoon that fits the expectations of both of you and it will be the right start for your marriage.

Make memories

You will remember the memories you make on your honeymoon for a lifetime. It is the biggest reference of marriage that you can use for the family, your children and your grandchildren who will know how your love story turned into a happy and long life with one another.

You need to remember that the honeymoon is not something you show off to society or on social media, but it is about the two of you. It is about making memories of a lifetime that you can cherish when you are old.