Coordinating the goodies that go into an Easter basket is a lot of fun! When your eye constantly catches a unique item or a tasty treat, you can feel the rush of excitement at the possibility of making the perfect Easter basket. Easily, you can get swept away at the moment and end up unwittingly getting way too much. By the time you get to the checkout line and get rung up, you’re blindsided by how much you’ve managed to rack up in costs!

Even with a thrifty mindset, it can be tricky juggling prices and quantity while making sure it’s all quality goodies to be included. After all, you want your Easter basket to be loved and enjoyed at the end of the day. It makes sense how gift baskets can easily range from a minimum of $60 to over $200 depending on what’s inside of them.

Yet, how can you make sure that what you get is great and also cost-effective?

Don’t fret! It is possible to create lovely Easter baskets and not spend a fortune! Here are some ways you can curate great Easter baskets for under $50!

Budgeting Baskets

An easy misconception is that the Easter basket itself is the centerpiece. Yet, even the most lovely-looking baskets can get discarded.

Once it’s served its purpose in keeping all your Easter treats and items inside, there is nothing more it can do. Sure, most people can easily repurpose them for other uses or even for next Easter to be used as another Easter basket. However, some folks aren’t too keen on keeping random baskets and might struggle to find a reason to keep it. As a result, the baskets end up being thrown away.

If you’re going to make your own Easter baskets, we would recommend making sure your basket isn’t more expensive than all the goodies you plan on stuffing it with.

Baked Goodies

Do you have more ingredients to make baked goods than cash in your wallet? Don’t worry, you can use this to your advantage! Instead of milling around agonizing over how much chocolate and candy you should get, you can easily add baked goods as an amazing addition to your Easter basket!

There are multiple, creative recipes out there you can utilize that will make your treats stand out more than your conventional Easter treats. When you bake for someone, it shows a sense of care and intimacy that you took time to make for another – it then becomes more personable.

By baking goodies, it shows you’re going above and beyond, which will add a whole new level of appreciation for your Easter basket.

No Need For Filler

When it comes to bringing in all the finer details of your Easter basket, most people think about the decorations to fill in the gaps between the goodies inside. The image that comes to mind is colorful stringy paper grass that sprouts from in-between the goodies inside. However, they are not exactly necessary to make an Easter basket look good.

If arranged nicely, you can make the goodies inside your Easter basket look put together and aesthetically pleasing. Most of the items and treats inside the basket are the focal point and generally their color palette will match one another, which will stay in line with the spirit of Easter.

If you’re insistent on filling the white space in your basket, you can use colorful tissue paper instead. Not only is it easy to repurpose and inexpensive, but it’s also a lot less messy than the aforementioned paper grass commonly used in baskets.

When you take into consideration these suggestions, you can have the best of both worlds. Not only will your wallet be grateful, but you can rest assured you can still have bomb Easter baskets that will have others keen to snatch them up! Staying on budget with Easter baskets, it’s a great exercise in creativity and a good opportunity to make a special day even more memorable by making it more personal. When you show how much thought and care you put into an Easter, despite being on a budget, it leaves a lasting sentimental impression that can’t be bought.