Around this time of year, your skin is probably getting drier and drier because of the low humidity and cold air outside. You will find it not so easy to nourish the bright, beautiful skin that you have desired, and in the case of a black eye, it is even more difficult to pursue this dream. However, don’t be too worried, this article will give you some top home remedies which not only work well with the black eye but also improve your skin’s appearance effectively.

What is a Black Eye?

A black eye, in scientific term known as periorbital hematoma, is referred to a dark and black skin patch which appears around your eye. In the beginning, you only endure pain, burning sensation and discomfort. Afterwards, your affected eye will seemingly turn into a black eye as the time goes on. You can use some cosmetic products or skincare creams to cover it up but you cannot completely get away from curious looks of other people. But you should know that the earlier you deal with it the sooner you get rid of this problem. Indeed, after the injury happens, you need to follow useful home remedy in this article right away.

What Causes a Black Eye?

The following is some common reason for the presence of a black eye on your face:

● Being hit in the face
● Being stung by an insect or animal
● Allergy
● Facial physical contact injury after falling or slipping
● Surgeries
What are the Symptoms of a Black Eye?
Once the black eye has shown up, you might experience some below symptoms:
● Discoloration surrounding your eye
● Clotted blood underneath the surface of your skin
● Difficulty in looking around
● Painful condition

Home Remedies for a Black Eye

1. Eye Exercise

One of the simplest home remedies on how to get rid of a black eye is to exercise your eyes more often. On one hand, this tip will help your affected eye become more relaxed and comfortable. On the other hand, eye exercise is able to stimulate the blood flow, break down the clotted blood existing around the eyelids. Remember to apply this solution on a daily basis and you will realize the good result. It is advised that you had better massage your black eye in circular motion slowly when waking up or before bedtime.

2. Cold & Hot Compress

Another helpful home remedy for a black eye is cold & hot compress that you can try right now. The cold temperature can aid you in ease the pain and lower the swollen condition. Moreover, it also helps stop the bleeding more rapidly. Otherwise, with the hot temperature, it is able to promote the circulation of blood and heal damaged blood vessels faster.

How to use

● Get some ice cubes and wrap them in a soft towel to make an ice pack
● Prepare hot compress by pouring some hot water into a washcloth, then remove the excess water
● After that, place the ice pack on your face for 10 – 15 minutes
● Take it off, wait for 30 minutes and keep applying the hot compress about 10 – 15 minutes
● Perform the remedy daily to deal with the black eye.

3. Almonds

Almonds head on the list of home remedies for a black eye that will not let you down on treating this unsightly condition. Because of containing many kinds of antioxidants, almonds can help you repair the damaged skin effectively and restore its initial appearance soon. Moreover, this nut is loaded with a large quantity of vitamin C which is really good for your skin health.

How to use

● Take a glass of water and add some almonds to it
● Let it sit overnight
● Afterwards, consume the mixture at waking time
● Repeat the trick regularly for a couple of weeks.
It is noted that you also can add several almonds to a cup of warm milk and enjoy it before bedtime to get rid of a black eye naturally.

4. Orange Juice & Honey

If you are seeking the way to heal your black eye, orange juice & honey could be your great answer. Thanks to the flavonoid and phenolic compounds of honey, it has good impact on reducing the swelling and irritation. On the other hand, orange juice provides your skin with a great amount of vitamin C that helps nourish your skin’s appearance productively. In detail, this juice will be absorbed into the deeper layers of your skin and lower the dryness from the inside.

How to use

● Mix 1:3 ratio of honey and orange juice to create a paste.
● Keep it in the refrigerator about 20 minutes
● Then apply this paste directly on the suffered skin areas
● Leave it there for 10 – 15 minutes and use warm water to wash it off
● Remember to follow the remedy frequently as needed.

5. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has been used widely to deal with a black eye by countless generations for a long time, do you know that? In fact, aloe vera has astringent effect which aids you in soothing the painful and swollen condition. Furthermore, the juice extracted from aloe vera is so good for your skin, it has an ability to speed up your healing process productively.

How to use

● Prepare an aloe vera leaf and cut it into some slices
● Place them on your black skin or the whole face for 20 – 25 minutes
● Keep applying this home remedy 2 – 3 times per day until the dark circle goes away.

6. Sea Salt

If you are suffering from a black eye, you can try salt remedy to get rid of this awful problem. With the anti-inflammatory property in sea salt, it has positive effect on decreasing the swelling and pain. Plus, salt is mixed with water to increase the elasticity of your skin as well as promotes the recovery.
How to use
● Pour 1 – 2 teaspoons of sea salt into a glass of warm water
● Stir it up until the salt is completely diluted
● Dab the liquid on your suffered skin patch by using a cotton swab
● Rinse it off after 10 – 15 minutes
● Remember to do the tip daily.

Source: https://authorityremedies.com/how-to-get-rid-of-a-black-eye/