The south of France is an enigmatic natural and cultural space – known for luxury and art and marked by layers of histories. Marseille is the second largest city in the country and a gateway to the Mediterranean Coast.

A trip to Marseille will always be a memorable one for this place has everything to offer – from heritage buildings and swanky uptown restaurants to a fiercely partisan sports culture and a very cosmopolitan population.

Find The Best Logistics For Marseille

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Things To Do In Marseille

The scenic Mediterranean coast is something that you will encounter everywhere you go in the city. Apart from memorable pictures and laid-back sessions just admiring the blue sea, you can also dig into the famous cuisine of Southern France. Bouillabaisse is a fish soup that goes back to the time of the ancient Greeks but has been adopted by the locals of Marseille and make sure you do not miss out on the light wines of Cassis, perfect accompaniments for seafood.

Marseille may lack the finesse and artsy vibes of Paris, but the oldest city in France is loaded with historical places. Visit the Art Deco opera building and explore the hip-hop culture of the city – there are many shows and concerts throughout the year so you can find one that coincides with your trip.

Visitors can just wander around the main port area and visit the famous French cafes or explore the vibrant fish market. Shopping fanatics need to head over to the Centre Bourse area, home to some of the best stores and malls in the city.

History buffs will be fascinated with their findings at the Marseille History Museum, an establishment dedicated to the local heritage. You will learn that Marseille is a town that has been influenced by the Greeks and the Romans apart from its constant connection with North Africa. Head over to the pristine beaches of Prado and Les Goudes while Calanques National Park offers stunning landscapes for nature lovers.

Get your city tours arranged from the best travel portals – ideally the same as your airport transfers. Long flights can take time to recover from but when you are in Marseille, you do not want to lose time. Use travel hacks to keep fresh on your long flights and relish the beauty of France’s inimitable Provence region.