Games are always a part of our childhood. But in the past, games have had a different form. There have been video games but consoles were needed to play them. Years passed and games no longer just existed within the computer screens. With the fast-paced developments of smartphones, games are almost everywhere.

Wherever you are these days, it is no longer surprising to see kids as little as three years old expertly maneuvering his way through a game. While there are parent who leniently let their children play online games, there are those who believe that online games are bad for kids.

Technically, there are always two sides of everything. If you look into app stores, it is undeniable that there are game choices that are way too violent to be considered child-friendly. There can be too much violence, graphic content eliciting drinking, drugs, and sex, and an accessible gaming community where cursing are okay. As mentioned, there are also positive effects of video games to children. Among which are the following:

It enhances problem-solving skills and creativity. Video games serve as  a real workout for brains. Abstract and high level of thinking are required in solving games, and these skills are learned outside the four walls of a classroom. It can also inspire exercise or physical activity. Games especially ones about basketball or other sports inspire children to actually try out the tips and tricks that they learn from the game. Games promote good competition. Competition does not always have to be bad. It is important to make young children understand it and the essence of winning and losing. Video games can actually aid in helping children grasp the correct idea of competition. It also promote friendship. Like adults, children find friends through common interests, and online games are among them. Lastly, Games are a great venue for teaching. Adults can also learn a thing or two from kids, and this is especially true when it comes to playing online games. It can be a way of bonding for parents letting their children about the game and how to play it. Parents do not only have the time to look at what their children are playing, they also get to spend time with them.

To ensure that your kids are playing safe online games, you will need to first play the game yourself and look into the details of the game and how it it going to be played, before you let your child play. Also make sure that the game is in compliance with COPPA. COPPA is the abbreviated term for Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act. It is a law that serves to protect the privacy of children under 13. The Act was passed by the U.S. Congress in 1998 and took effect in April 2000. COPPA is managed by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

According to a research, children do not necessarily understand the dangers in revealing their personal information online. Although COPPA does not have specification on how the parental consent are taken, they have guidelines for web developers and administrators to follow. Here is a list of five best online games and interactive websites  safe for children below 10 years of age, and are COPPA compliant.

Magic School Bus

This game is a combination of many activities where children are encouraged to read through the stories, learn fun facts, and play games.

Club Penguin

The game is a huge multi-player virtual role-playing game where children are ‘taken’ to the winter wonderland of penguins that they can virtually interact with. The site promotes global consciousness in children and also teaches them about giving, sharing, and being responsible.

NASA Kids’ Club

NASA has created a fun-filled astronomical experience for children right at their own homes. The site. In addition, children can enjoy playing their favorite Angry Birds game. Thanks to the collaboration of NASA and Rovio Entertainment.

National Geographic Kids

Pretty much like an online National Geographic magazine for kids, it is fill with fun trivia about animals and the world. Children can enjoy a variety of games and fun quizzes, and view videos of animals in the wild.

Nick jr.

The site contained many interactive activities like doing crafts for children, and not just the games. They get to see and play with their favorite Nick jr. characters.

As long as the games played by your children are safe and feature only child-friendly graphic content and gestures, there’s no problem in allowing them to enjoy playing online games.

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