Life of a student in the high school is rightly termed as the most important phase in his academic career. Although other phases are also important, for example, the graduation and the post-graduation studies. But if a student is not able to pass out his high school with a certain grade or marks, in most cases it’ll be very difficult or impossible for him to take admission in a college or university. That’s where students need to be pretty much on their toes for passing out with flying colors.

Students who look to take admission in a med school need to study extra hard so that they can pass out with the required grades so necessary. Virtually all the medical schools have strict criteria regarding the admission in them as there are limited seats up for the grabs. Whether students are looking to take admission in a premier med school in the US/Canada or a top Caribbean medical school, they are bound to make quite an effort to find a seat on these coveted med schools.

As I just mentioned that every student looks to get an admission in a premier/top med school, what exactly is the criteria of such institutes? Or how does a student can find out an institute of the highest repute? There are basically many reasons that one can assign in this regard. Let me discuss two of them with my readers now so that you can know something about them.

A Top-Ranking Med School

There are many ways in which a med school can be top ranked in its particular city, country or region. The research paper published and the number of Ph.D. faculty are two of the most important factors in this regard. A research paper is usually put forward by students in their final year of study before the residency. Furthermore, the permanent faculty of a med school is also responsible to come up with research papers in their related medical field.

To teach students in the field of medicine, not a just a degree is enough to be a professor or associate. Their requirement is of doctoral degree (Ph.D.) with at least 2 years of teaching experience in a school or college in the related subject. That is a minimum requirement for a teacher in a med school and one that makes it rank high among all the other school in its category.

Ranking based on Reputation Alone

This is a quite a debatable topic as there are many students who are lured by a med school ranked high in the ranking purely on the basis of how they are able to woo their target audience. While in no way I am referring to these schools as the ones trying to deceive students just through apt marketing and misleading them. But the fact that they are nowhere near the caliber of schools able to publish the high number of research papers and a boost of faculty with a number of PhDs among them is a reason alone that they lag behind.

The marketing aspect is one which can be termed as the master stroke form the med schools trying to get the attention of students. Good marketing is not evil in any sense as even the top-ranked med school have to launch a proper marketing campaign to attract students in a large number. After all, even without getting students admitted into their schools, they can earn a good income just by selling admission kits. Even those students who fail to pass out the interview also have to pay a certain fee as med school earns some amount.

Med School market themselves as a premier institute of learning by showing how great a campus they have, the number of students enrolled and other facilities on a campus like a baseball stadium, tennis court or swimming pools. While nothing of them truly relates to a med school or affect the quality of a study, some med schools are successful in getting the attention of the students as they get many students to enroll at their institutes.

Final Word

I am sure that as a student you need to focus on getting the admission in a quality med school boosting of experienced and highly qualified faculty able to churn out research papers too. But good on-campus facilities are also important for the extra-curricular activities for the students. So you need to find a med school having the combination of all of the above-mentioned qualities.