Are you troubled due to the clogged drains of your house? All your household works in the kitchen and bathroom are likely to stop due to this reason. Moreover, the house may come to a messy state because of the waterlogged backyard. So, you need to clear this blocked sewer immediately and make the drainage system normal again. You may hire an expert plumber for clearing your drain immediately.

Simple Techniques Adopted for Cleaning A Blocked Sewer

1. The easiest method for clearing drain blockage is to pour a mixture of vinegar and baking soda. It is best to take equal quantities of both chemicals and pour it into the fizzing state. Then you wait for at least 10 minutes, covering the sinkhole with a drain plug. Finally, you need to pour boiling water to clear the blocked sewer. The chemical reactions dissolve all the materials that cause the blockage.

2. Alternatively, you can try out a few DIY methods for clearing this drain blockage yourself.

3. You may put a bent wire into the clogged sink and pull out all the dirty stuff that caused the blockage. Then boiling water should be poured in sufficient quantity to flush out rest of the dirt. But this trick does not work if the blockage is far down in the pipe where a wire may not reach.

4. There are some caustic drain cleaners available in the market for cleaning a blocked sewer. You may buy that cleaning agent for dissolving all the substances that usually go down the kitchen or bathroom sink. But this chemical has no effect on larger solid materials that may be stuck in your sewage pipe. It can dissolve only the grease, hairs and food particles that usually pass through the sink.

5. If you know how to open the joints of sink pipe, you may unscrew the U-tube under your sink. Then it becomes easier to unclog the pipe and make the water flow normally again. It can be a messy matter, with lots of water flowing out of both ends of the pipe. You should keep a bucket ready to hold that dirty water. Moreover, you need to have a wrench for cleaning the blocked sewer.

6. A plunger is an effective tool for putting immense pressure over the clogged sink and clearing the blockage eventually. You may also use a hand auger called snake for cleaning the joints of the drainpipe. You can get this similar effect by using a wet vacuum cleaner for putting the required pressure on your sink. These tools make the clogging looser in the pipe so that all those stuff can be flushed down the sewage.

However, it is best to hire a professional plumber for clearing the blocked sewer. A plumber has the latest plumbing tools and he is efficient in using them. So, you may spend some money and get the best service from your local plumber. However, you should check the competence of that plumber before hiring him. He should have a valid license and certification in plumbing. His reputation may be checked from his existing clients who have availed his services before. Moreover, an efficient plumber can also detect any leakage or other damage in the old drain pipes.

Therefore, you may adopt any simple way to get rid from the problem of the blocked sewer. Regular maintenance of the drainage system by a professional plumber is a better option. It can help in avoiding the extra expense of repairing or replacing the plumbing parts. These tips are definitely going to prove helpful to you.