For the ones who are in search of flexible tools or sources that can offer you the chance of delivering bulk text messages within the shortest time span then you should go for the services of an SMPP service provider. Versatile and cross-functional, SMPP solutions have been put in place by different providers for meeting the varied requirements of resellers, big companies, and aggregators. However, Short Message Peer-to-Peer or SMPP is widely used as a standard protocol by organizations for transferring messages and related information. Here, it is important to note that SMPP bulk SMS gateway uses the client-server medium of operation. At present, providers and developers throughout the world have tested it extensively and have proved it to be exceptionally useful for businesses that require bulk SMS solutions in order to get in touch with their respective customers.

Making the Choice of a Service Provider

When it comes to making the choice of an SMPP service provider in India, you might face a little difficulty. This is because there are a large number of companies in India coming up with the claims of being the best SMPP service providers. You can make the ultimate choice of an SMPP client panel by ensuring that the company deals in a high throughput SMPP gateway. Make sure the SMPP server provided by the service provider offers perfect customer experience in sending messages in bulk by way of its powerful platform. Also make sure that the provider offers password, User ID, port and IP for binding its SMPP gateway. It is also necessary for you to ensure that your service provider offers you an operator-specific service podium for customers.

Another important factor that you need to have in mind when making the choice of an SMPP service provider is that your provider offers the perfect SMPP API suitable for your business. The API offered by your provider should have a high monthly messaging volume push. Make sure your service provider offers SMPP protocol by using proper standards and also deals in offering dynamic reports by way of a web interface.

Exclusive Features of the SMPP Client Panel

SMPP service providers offer powerful and effective APIs for sending messages in bulk. SMPP server helps clients in sending different varieties of messages including Unicode, binary and ordinary text messages to a large number of individuals within the shortest time possible. It is only because of this reason that the services of an SMPP service provider are widely used by SMS aggregators, enterprises and even wholesalers for connecting their company software to delivery secured and bulk messages to customers across the world. An SMPP server enables companies and aggregators to reach their clients in a timely way for promotional and transactional communications.

SMPP offers a secure, powerful and robust gateway. Choosing SMPP is considered a standard in the industry at present especially when it is about sending messages in bulk to different network providers. SMPP is basically a protocol extensively used by big organizations providing their services in the industry for telecommunications. These companies use SMPP for exchanging SMSs between SMSCs and ESMEs. An SMPP service provider generally deals in two varieties of products. These include the SMPP client panel and SMPP Aggregator. The service providers in this field are also in the lookout of delivering only those products and services that the consumers require. At the end of the day, all that matters is putting the fundamentals of SMPP services in the perfect place. However, the SMPP software you avail from a service provider should come packed with the following features:

  • Inbound DLRs and SMS: Quick message delivery reports and inbound messages should be supported by the SMPP platform.

  • Instant delivery: The SMPP server you get from a service provider should provide direct connectivity to the telecommunications operators. The server should also offer instant delivery of SMSs.

  • High throughput: It is important for the users of an SMPP server to avail the flexibility of delivering thousands of text SMSs every minute simply by making use of an SMPP gateway that offers high throughput.

  • The flexibility of sending different varieties of messages: Your SMPP server should offer you the flexibility of sending different varieties of SMSs. You should be able to deliver both transactional and promotional messages under one single account.

  • Bulk SMS Marketing: You should not waste your time in delivering messages to your clients on your own. The only thing you need to do is make the choice of an SMPP service provider. Your provider will set a bulk SMS marketing campaign on your behalf and work towards marketing your products and services.

  • Guaranteed leads: With the right SMPP server, you avail the flexibility of putting IVR numbers in the message content. This can further help you in availing direct calls and leads from the customers.

All these features together make SMPP services worth the money spent.