Not many aerosol consumers are aware of the importance of an actuator in product packaging. They understand that actuator is an important component but they are not aware that it can help control the use of spray and the amount which is dispersed. An actuator can control the ways in which the product is dispersed in terms of the length of your spray to the way in which a can is handled. An actuator will make a huge difference to the end user’s experience about the product. Here are the top factors you need to consider when deciding on the actuator for your products.

Choosing An Actuator For Aerosol Products


There are numerous uses of an aerosol dispenser. It could be used for a range of products for home and garden to personal care and beauty. When you start to design, you need to keep the end application in mind. Consider how the consumer will use the spray and whether it will be used in the air or over a surface. Once you have an answer to these questions, you will be able to create a design which is ideal for the end application.

2. Period of Use

This is an important factor to consider. Quickly targeted sprays are suitable for deodorant application but if the consumer wants the spray to have a longer duration, a longer extended spray will be better. You need to consider push button sprays for quick applications and a trigger actuator for larger coverage areas.

3. Can size

The shape and size of the can should be a factor to consider in an actuator decision. Narrow cans are easy to grip and use, they also benefit from the basic button style actuator. In contrast, tall cans are bullies and are suited for trigger type of actuators. You need to keep the end use and period of use in mind when choosing the size of the can.

4. Brand differentiation

The design of an actuator will have an impact on the look of the end product. Consider different design elements like shape, color and trigger style. Try to give something unique to the customers instead of the basic, standard actuators.

Actuators are one of the most important parts of aerosol products. They determine how consumers look at the product. Actuators have an impact on the experience of the consumers and about the perception of the product right from the moment they see it on the shelf until the last spray. When you keep these four considerations in mind, it will go a long way and will help you achieve higher customer satisfaction. You will be able to build a unique brand name and the customer will make another purchase from you. Consider each and every aspect mentioned here before you decide on the actuator. They have the ability to make or break your aerosol product. Offer high quality to the consumers and they will be willing to pay for the same.