How effective is your business marketing model? How well can you communicate with the target audience by using this model? Or, is this model economical enough to sustain minimum marketing budgets? As a business, you must find answers to the above-stated questions. Often seen, various businesses across India find that their existing marketing campaigns fail to justify the above questions. In case you seem to be belonging to this sect, then stay tuned as the text further details about bulk message -a revolutionary business marketing technique that can constructively transform the way you perform your business marketing and communication.

Bulk SMS service is a new era marketing campaign that has largely changed the way organizations interact with their clients and customers. With this campaign into the picture, the institutions can communicate with humongous end users just by sending and receiving short messages or SMS.

Well, known is the fact that marketing mainly encapsulates exposing business products and/or services to potential customers and clients to convert leads to conspicuous profits. To perform such marketing, it is often suggested to constructively interact with the end-users and make them familiar with the business. This action of developing familiarity can be best done using bulk messaging via bulk SMS software.

Adding value with bulk SMS software

To connect your business application with bulk SMS systems, you need an application interface. The basic function of this interface should be to act as a mid-ware between your business application and the bulk messaging gateway and thus channelize the flow of information from one computer to another. In technical terms, such an interface is termed as a bulk SMS API or SMS software.

In other words, the API works as a translator and enables business units to communicate with their target audience using SMS. Let us take a quick look into a couple of reasons why business marketing is best performed by using SMS APIs.

Low setup and operational cost

One of the most crucial aspects of any business unit is its expenses and profits. The more is the profit ratio, more shall the business grow. However, analyzing the general trend, it is mainly observed that business units struggle in keeping marketing costs low while using effective marketing campaigns. bulk messaging simply eliminates any such struggle. SMS communication is the least expensive yet extensively effective way to market business.

To make this technique even more economical, SMS software is etched with intelligence that allows business users to develop dynamic and specific sender list as per the given filters. Stated simply, the business can specify and select the message recipient list based on filters. These filters can be time-based, choice-based, activity-based, etc. 

Filtering message recipient list:

Let us take a simple example where you own an eCommerce business and wish to provide a push to all those customers who have not shopped from your portal in the last 2 months. Your business database might consist of tens of thousands of business records. Manually filtering data as per the last shopping can be a tedious task. Using bulk SMS software can make this tedious task fairly simple. just by simply selecting the date filter and specifying the desired time slot, you are facilitated with the list of message recipients to whom bulk SMS should be sent.

Choosing message templates 

If you think that SMS API can only generate a filtered list of message recipients and connect your business application with bulk SMS gateway then hold for a bit longer. These interfaces are crafted to do much more.

Once you have the list ready, the next step will be to draft the SMS. However while using SMS API this step is fairly simplified. Various SMS API providers across India offer their business clients with free message templates along with SMS software. These templates cover a wide range of message outlines that could be used by the institution for subjects related to promotions, offers and discounts, transactional messages and one time passwords. You can easily select any of these templates as per your requirement and make few improvisions if you wish to.

Here, it is worth mentioning that these templates are intertwined with automated scripts that can help you in making the message more personalized and user-specific. To illustrate the same, let us jump back to our example where you want to send your e-commerce customers a promotional message. With an appropriate template selected, you might wish to address the recipient with his first name. Also, you might like to add his preferred category/brand description in the message. With bulk SMS API you are featured to perform the above improvisions along with much more.