Phone’s Battery in the Best ShapeBut your charging habits tell something else. You have a high-quality brick charger. Right charger plays an important role in keeping the battery healthy. However, the health of the battery also depends on your charging habits. Charging the battery overnight, charging it to 100% and fully discharging, these charging habits can cause damage to the battery. This is what Cadex have to say. It’s a company that tests batteries used in smartphones and other battery operated devices. This company provides a lot of information about batteries. If you want to extend the life of your smartphone’s battery, you will have to abandon some bad charging habits. First of all, you need to buy the best quality brick charger for your smartphone. Here are some other tips for charging smartphone battery.

Charge your device a little at a time. Do it whenever you get a chance

Even when you have only a few minutes, just plug it in. the battery of your smartphone will be fine. Charging a smartphone partially does not cause any harm.

Do not fully discharge your phone

Deep discharge can wear down the battery of your device. Do not use your phone until you get a battery low warning. It is also a bad habit. So, stop doing this for the sake of your device.

Make sure that your battery charge level remains between 65% AND 75%

The majority of smartphone and other battery operated devices have lithium-ion batteries. These batteries are known for having the longest lifespan. However, you have to keep the charge level between 65% and 75%. It is perfectly practical to keep charge level somewhere between 65% and 75%. This range is ideal for the battery of your device.

Minimum 45% is also good

If you cannot keep the charge level between 65% and 75% then try to keep it between 45% and 75%. This is realistic. Try to build a daily routine. Plug in your device whenever the battery level goes below 45%. If you keep it between 25% and 75%, it will cause damage but it will not be a serious and long-term damage.

Do not fully charge the battery especially when it is too low

When the battery charge level is 25%, do not charge to 100%. It will not only reduce the capacity of the battery but also the lifespan. Never charge the battery to 100%. Even when 70% of battery is left, charging to 100% is a bad idea. According to Battery University, you should never fully charge lithium-ion batteries. High voltage will wear out in long run.

Do not charge your smartphone overnight

There are a lot of smartphone users having this bad habit. When you are charging the battery to 100% and that too overnight, you are shortening its lifespan. So, always unplug the device when the battery is fully charged.

And most importantly, always buy a high-quality brick charger from an authentic supplier.