team building activity

One of the coolest things about escape rooms is that tens of thousands of people are forging lasting, lifelong friendships with their teammates. They’re finding comradery in escape room games that they simply cannot find anywhere else. As a premise for a game, escape rooms are unique and exciting. You’re basically locked in a large room and must complete a series of puzzles, challenges and other obstacles to be released. For many of these rooms, particularly in large professional facilities, it requires an entire team of players, not just individuals, and so we see many people coming together and bonding as teams.

While escape rooms are not an official sport, there are many people who play these games regularly and basically treat them as if they are leagues, and so they do take their teams very seriously. Some have uniforms and show up consistently to compete with other teams who do the same. So when it comes to team building activities for your escape room team, it certainly could not hurt at all to really boost your team spirit so that you can collectively perform your best.

The Importance of Team Spirit in Escape Rooms

The definition of a team has a lot of different usages, but generally speaking, it means a collection of individuals working toward the same goal. This, of course, is most notably recognizable in sports like football, hockey, etc. Though it certainly doesn’t stop there. A group of construction workers or other employees may be a team. Soldiers on battlefields form teams, often called squads, to carry out missions. No matter what context we find these teams, what we find is that team spirit is incredibly important, along with trust and comradery. If a team can have those sorts of qualities, then a team has a great chance to achieve success. This also translates very well to teams that were put together in order to do well in escape rooms. Having that trust and team spirit is of vital importance.

Ways to Build Stronger Team Unity

Practice Like a Real Team

The first way by which a team can build up its unity and spirit is to really practice at the games they intend to participate in. A simple practice is one of the best team building activities that exist. Let’s use hockey as a prime example of this. As the players individually step out onto that ice, day after day, practice after practice, they’re getting to know one another, and they’re learning to trust and to rely on one another. So by the time game day rolls around, they’re in incredibly high spirits because they have fostered a high-truth micro-community through the process of activities meant to strengthen their team unity, every bit as much as it was meant to help them become better at the game. The same can easily apply to escape rooms, and nobody loses any teeth in the process!

Learn to Rely Upon Each Other

Any team must learn to rely upon one another. Escape room team members will likely have different tasks. There will be multiple types of puzzles and challenges within the game environment, and each of your team members will play a different role and display a different area of strength. And all of these individual strengths combine to make a much better team. So in team-building exercises, there needs to exist a reliance. Team member A has to rely on B, and vice versa, all the way down the line.

Play the Games Often

Perhaps the best way to really foster trust is to play the games as often as you can. You might not be a great team right away, but there’s nothing like real-world experience to act as your teacher. You can set up games outside of facilities to practice by actually playing the game, and you can compete against other teams. Before you know it, you have a high-trust team that’s ready to go to the big leagues.

No matter the size of your team or the types of escape rooms in which you’re competing, having a team in high spirits is going to help you achieve success. So always take the time necessary to develop trust and companionship among your team.